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Tearjerker / The Thing (1982)

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The deaths of the dogs toward the beginning, and later, Clark's reaction to the deaths of the remaining dogs.
    • Particularly the dog who made an attempt to free itself by biting through the kennel wire, and gets doused with acid for it's trouble. When The Thing starts to absorb the dogs, we see it's fur and skin is mostly burned away, but it's still alive.
  • When they first see the thing in the dog kennel and start shooting at it, Clark only seems concerned that they're hitting the dogs and even tries to run into the cage to save them despite the fact that doing so would obviously get him killed.
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  • The ultimate fate of Blair. He was the first one to realize how serious the situation is and for his trouble was locked away in a shack. Not only did it make him exposed (if he wasn't infected already), but the sole fact that he was there alone, seriously contemplating suicide, is enough to feel bad for him. And then he's the ultimate incarnation of the Thing.
  • Garry's reaction to shooting the Norwegian in the beginning. It was appropriate response to a (seemingly) crazed man running around and shooting up the place, but he still has a My God, What Have I Done? look on his face. It's a realistic portrayal of an average joe who has just been forced to take a life.
  • Garry's brief dialogue exchange with MacReady following Bennings being assimilated by the Thing. It really drives home that fact that these men were not just coworkers, but friends who really trusted each other. And then the Thing arrives and everything they know goes to hell.
    Garry: MacReady, I know Bennings! I've known him for ten years! ...He's my friend.
  • The death of Lars, AKA the crazed Norwegian gunman. He was so awesome in The Thing (2011) and watching that movies leaves you cheering him on to get the Dog-Thing. Then you watch this movie and he unceremoniously gets done in by Garry in the first few minutes.

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