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Tearjerker / The Room

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"Why, Johnny? ...Why?! Johnny, why? ...why...?"

  • Even if the ending to a laughably bad movie was badly delivered, it still is pretty sad...
    • Denny's reaction to Johnny's dead body is one of the more convincing performances in the film.
    • Just as Johnny is about to shoot himself, flashbacks of Lisa saying "Everything will be alright" and "Goodnight, Johnny" are shown.
    • The venom in Mark's voice when he tells Lisa, "I don't love you."
  • This song about the aftermath of Johnny’s suicide.
  • The soundtrack throughout the entire movie is surprisingly effective.
    • An earlier version of the theme (that wasn't used) is actually even sadder.
  • The last twenty or so minutes in general manage to have a more serious tone than the rest of the movie. Partly this is because the actors actually manage to get it together and give somewhat serious performances during these scenes. Even Tommy Wiseau is clearly trying to play it seriously.
    • One example of this is when Steven and Michelle confront Lisa at the party over what's going on. Aside from the "atomic bomb" line, the dialogue in this scene is dangerously close to what actual people might say in a situation like this, and the actors are all playing it seriously, particularly Robyn Paris as Michelle. The somber music playing in the background helps (actually the second movement of Beethoven's Pathetique).
  • "I think you should leave right now, Mark." Wiseau's delivery of this line is surprisingly effective. There's nothing funny about that line- he just gives it a quiet, somber delivery, and manages to seem genuinely upset.
  • On a meta example, how much money and effort Tommy put into the film; he genuinely expected it to be a hit.
    • Doubles as a heartwarming moment, weirdly enough, since it really did become a hit in its own way.