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Tearjerker / The Raccoons

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  • Bentley remembering his parents, from his days as a baby, to the day they gave him his computer, and crying in the end of the flashback in the episode "Trouble Shooter", while Lisa Lougheed's "Come on Home" is heard in the background (shown left).
  • The ending of "The One That Got Away".
    • Before that, the pigs confess to Cyril about dumping the barrels into the beloved fishing pond as part of a moonlighting job, claiming they only did it for the money. Shocked at this revelation, Cyril opens his vault and throws his money at the pigs, saying something that really cements his Character Development.
    Cyril: You want money? Here! Here's lots of money! Take it all! Take some more! Just give me back the fishing hole! Can you do that? Can you give me a price on that? Can you?
    • The REALLY heartbreaking part? Unlike the others, Bentley never gets a chance to make good memories of the fishing hole because Bert refuses to let him accompany him and Cedric on their fishing trip when he mistakenly thinks that Bentley told Cyril about the fishing hole (being unaware that Cyril always knew about the hole).
      • As a further Gut Punch, Lisa obliviously claims to Bert and Cedric that Bentley had been trying to tell her for some time just when Bentley tries to assure Bert and Cedric that he never told anybody, especially since he wasn't even trying to reveal the location of the fishing hole to Lisa, which is only made worse by the fact that Lisa didn't fully comprehend the situation and all because she wasn't listening good enough.
      • Taken Up to Eleven when the ending shows a montage of the characters who all have memories of the place hanging out there in their early years while Lisa Lougheed's "Ain't No Planes" plays. After the montage ends, there's a brief showing of areas in the Evergreen Forest, and as night falls, we get one final shot of Bentley, who never got to have memories of the place, alone looking out over the pond (in the same shot from "Trouble Shooter", shown above).

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