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Tearjerker / The Omniverse

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The Omniverse owes itself to a lot of tragedy. People far from home, never knowing if they'll ever get back.

  • Just the very concept that the Omniverse is based around abduction is tragic in its own right.
  • Desco's reaction to hearing that Guu was no longer in Dante's Abyss was pretty devastating to read. Despite being an elder-spawn demon girl, she was ultimately just a kid hearing that her best friend and idol was probably dead.
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  • Weiss Schnee, injured heavily and VERY close to dying, declaring her love for Ruby. She had no idea she was even able to be resurrected back at the Nexus, which makes her action that much harsher to read.
  • Cana getting disintegrated into Omnilium, basically the second Gildarts learned she was his daughter.
  • Tearen's final goodbye to Jade and Rebecca; ostensibly the closest thing to a family he had in the Omniverse.

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