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Tearjerker / The Long Dark

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  • Should your condition grow critically low, your survivor will weakly make comments like “I can't go out like this...” or “I guess this is the end.” Thanks to the high quality of the voice actors, those simple remarks are heartbreaking in showing how tired and hopeless the survivor has become.
  • If you survive a wolf or bear attack but lack the materials necessary for survival, it is inevitable that you will eventually succumb to your injuries. What makes this particularly distressing is how long it takes. There comes a point where your character is too weak to move at more than a snail's pace and can barely see, and all you can do is slowly wait for them to perish.
  • The setting itself has a very melancholy feel to it. The geomagnetic disaster has likely resulted in the deaths of millions of people worldwide, and the complete abandonment of the area your character is stranded in. Of special note is the farmhouse you can find in Pleasant Valley. Going upstairs you find building blocks, a crib and other child related things - but no child.
    • Which is good news, really. Every person you meet in sandbox is already dead. There's at least a chance the family escaped to a more hospitable region.

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