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Tearjerker / The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

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  • "Dog Show Afternoon" ends up being a massive one for June, she's trailed a Bombat to the exit of Orchid Bay, she tries to get to it after it passes through the exit but she's being blocked by a force field. Luckily Ah-Mah manages to catch the Bombat before it gets the chance to multiply. Ignoring what her grandmother is trying to tell her, June desperately tries to break the barrier, until Jasmine snaps at her, explaining to her that as the current Te Xuan Ze, she's physically incapable of leaving Orchid Bay, as it is the epicenter of all magic in the world. Jasmine then explains that all those trips around the world she's been having have been attempts to find a way for June to leave the city! June then gets angry, pounding away at the barrier with tears in her eyes, furious that she'll have to stay in Orchid Bay until she can have a family of her own and HOPE that she has a child that becomes the next Te Xuan Ze, dooming them to the same fate while unable to try and get close to her dream of becoming an astronaut.
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  • Sure, Jasmine gets to travel the world now that June's the new official protector, but before becoming the Te Xuan Ze, Jasmine had wanted to become an archaeologist in her youth.
  • Really the whole concept of the Te Xuan Ze becomes a big tear jerker if you think about it long enough. Sure as the Te Xuan Xe you get super powers and the power to see the magical world, but you can never tell anybody about your secret life, you almost always have no time for yourself, your friends and family are always worried about you, and others may see you as some sort of freak talking to invisible monsters and the like. Plus, as mentioned above, until you can have children of your own to take up the mantle, you can NEVER leave Orchid Bay. If you can't find a job you like, or find someone to fall in love with in that town, you're pretty much screwed. Even worse, sometimes the Te Xuan Ze skips a generation, so unless you manage to produce a child that'll inherit your powers the first time, in all likelihood you might die before another Te Xuan Ze can be born. Poor Jasmine had hoped for so long that her son Michael would inherit her powers so she could be free, but she had to carry on until June was revealed to be the new Te Xuan Ze.
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  • When Taylor saves June from being banished by Loki and sacrifices himself to make sure his dad stays banished this time. I mean c'mon, a kid with an abusive banishment-trigger dad who's a Nordic god just wants to be friends with a girl he likes and then banishes himself with his own negligent father? Talk about sad.

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