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Tearjerker / The Last Story

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  • A few of note:
    • When Lowell jumps in the way to save Syrenne from being stabbed by a sword of light.
    • When General Asthar dies.
    • When Dagran dies, and the party goes to the grave they made for him at the end of the game and reminisce about him. Doubly so when they affirm that Dagran really just wanted the best for all of them.
  • In the Epilogue, if Zael and Calista enter Count Arganan's office, Calista will mention a few notes about how she "never really talked" to her uncle, noting that he didn't really have anyone close to him like how she is with Zael. Given this, as well as the Pet the Dog moment that ensues with reading Arganan's journal full of regrets over using Calista as a pawn in his schemes in his journal, you can't help but feel at least a tiny bit bad for him, even if he was a terrible person.

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