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Tearjerker / The Eye

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  • The Reveal that Ying Ying has died. Her funeral, too.
    • Mun's scene with Ying Ying, shortly after she's just has chemotherapy, is utterly heart-rending, especially on a repeat viewing, when one takes into account that it's the last time they ever speak - when Ying Ying is still alive, anyway. They never get to play together outside of the hospital, after all...
  • The scene in which Ling's spirit is finally put to rest.
    • Ling's life in general is this. The girl had the powers to see ghosts and even be able to see tragedies and sadly was ostracized by her own hometown because they saw her as a witch, only finding comfort with her mom. And when she couldn't even prevent the destruction of her town by a gas fire because they couldn't even heed her warnings, she hanged herself. Damn.
      • That's not even going with her mother, who spent years blaming her daughter for her suicide and tormented by her spirit constantly killing herself until finally deciding to save her daughter and put her spirit to rest.
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  • Not to mention the aftermath of the enormous gas tanker explosion. The sight of all those poor, burnt corpses is incredibly haunting and heartbreaking.
  • The second film near the end where Yuen's spirit begs Joey to let her be reincarnated as her and Sam's baby. Finally understanding, Joey allows her and survives her suicide attempt and even gives birth.
    • Joey holding her baby (Yuen) in her arms and tearfully apologizing to her after trying so hard to harm her.

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