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Tearjerker / The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness

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  • Wolf and Torak having to separate at the end of Wolf Brother.
  • Nef sacrificing herself to seal in the piece of the fire opal, with her last actions being to send her beloved bat away, so it doesn't die with her, and for Torak to tell his father that her debt to him is paid.
  • Torak forced to undergo the outcast ritual, where he's treated as if he just died. And then he's forced to run for his life.
  • Bale's sudden death in Oath Breaker.
  • Most of Ghost Hunter.
    • When Eostra's owl attacks the wolves.
    • When Torak says goodbye to Renn and kisses her.
    • Later in the book when Renn is thinking of continuing her life after Torak dies. He comes back to life, but when she realizes it, it's still a tear jerking part.
    • The last few, bittersweet pages.
    • The Reveal of the Walker and Narik's actual identities.
    • Fin-Kedinn's final goodbye to the Walker. He remains self-composed as ever but is obviously grieving terribly for his friend. And then the Walker barely acknowledges him and rejects his offer of help, and he doesn't even seem surprised.

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