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Tearjerker / The Children's Crusade

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  • Rictor's reasoning for being the test subject in an experiment to see whether or not Wanda can reverse what she did and return his powers, even if the cost is his life or worse.
    Madrox: It's not happening. Besides, you've already proven that you don't need your powers to—
    Rictor: To what, Madrox? To be a third-rate detective who gets his ass kicked every time we go up against anybody with powers? Which is all the time, by the way. I want my powers back.
    Shatterstar: What about everything else in your life? Are you willing to lose that, too?
    Rictor: How do I make you understand? I was born with the power to move mountains. Literally. My connection to the earth was like... breathing. And I've been holding my breath for a very long time.

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