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Tearjerker / The Angry Birds Movie 2

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  • Mighty Eagle's last-minute decision to back out of his wedding with Zeta out of cowardice is one that would definitely come back to haunt him, as it sets in motion the events of the film, seemingly putting thousands of lives at the mercy of Zeta as she becomes an evil Angry Bird who wants to destroy two whole islands to have a frozen resort all for herself. He does not begin to realize the cost of his mistake until Zeta demolishes his cave with a single ice ball, leaving him devastated. And it's even more saddening to realize how Zeta would have to explain to her daughter Debbie why she doesn't have a dad for the time being.
    • Before this point, Zeta has been presented as a cranky and selfish villain who walks the line between funny and threatening. But when you see her standing alone at the alter in the rain, completely heartbroken with Mighty Eagle's abandonment, you'd almost want to reach through the camera and give her a hug.
      • Even more painful when Zeta reveals that Debbie is their daughter, which implied that she was pregnant when Mighty Eagle left.note  This actually happens in real life.
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  • Just when you think that Red had finally given up his old life of self-centeredness by the end of the first film, he struggles with a new personal issue once the war abruptly ends due to Leonard's emergency truce - how he could still become the same hero who defended his fellow Birds from the Pigs after the war, now that he could no longer thrive on their praises. The kicker here is that it drives him to make reckless choices as he tries to be that hero again, including at least one that jeopardizes the mission to destroy Zeta's superweapon by getting himself and Silver caught. Red then comes to regret assuring the Birds that they won't have to evacuate when Zeta meets with Red and Silver personally in their captivity and points that out.
  • And speaking about getting caught, it's probably hard to watch Silver lie down helplessly while her extremities are frozen in ice that's tightly packed into the holes of an inflatable recliner after being imprisoned by Zeta's guards. Her wonderful, long legs now look sadly useless as her talons are simply stuck in the recliner.
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  • Mighty Eagle returns to his cave rather than face Zeta. While he tries to keep up a confident demeanour, he's clearly being eaten away by guilt which only worsens when he sees an old series of pictures he took with Zeta when they were together, with ME+Zeta written on the bottom and while it's meant to be the initials for Mighty Eagle, it could easily be read as me. Though it doubles as heartwarming as it motivates him to return to Eagle Island and reconcile with Zeta.
  • Zoe seeing Bird Island being lava-bombed and tearfully saying “My mommy and daddy...”
  • While it's Played for Laughs, there's only one relationship that ultimately doesn't blossom. Zeta's dog Baby had only begun to fall in love with a female seal that keeps annoying Zeta and can't get close with her because he's frozen in a block of ice. After he breaks free following the weapon's destruction, though, he ends up falling into the frigid water and is frozen again, much to the seal's disappointment.

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