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Tear Jerker / Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

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  • Sarah having died from leukemia during the timeskip. The day she died, John ran away and became a drifter.
    • At the mausoleum, it's revealed that Sarah's coffin is actually full of weaponry. John didn't know her body had been cremated, but he's not surprised she went to the trouble of having weapons stored away as a precaution.
      John: "Every day after this one is a gift," she told me. "We made it. We're free." But I never really believed that. I guess she didn't, either.
  • The T-X taking Kate's form to lure General Brewster into it's trap, only to be shot by the Terminator right in front of him. His look of fear as he thinks his daughter is being gunned down in front of him is saddening, but since it wasn't really Kate and she shows up with John and the Terminator doesn't matter much since he's shot by the T-X anyway.
  • The death of General Brewster. Within minutes he's not only fatally shot, but is told by a cyborg that the software system he just activated will initiate Judgment Day in less than an hour, wiping out most of mankind. He dies looking into Kate's eyes, apologizing for "opening Pandora's box". At least Miles Dyson got a chance to try and make up for his hand in Skynet's creation; Brewster dies with no idea what will happen or if his daughter will survive.
    • Although a deleted scene showed him expressing concern to his superiors over allowing machines to run everything. He probably wished he could have done more about it.
  • Watching Judgment Day begin can cause your eyes to swell up, from the farm with missiles launching in the background to the orbital view of nuclear detonations. The soundtrack doesn't help.
  • Kate learning from the Terminator that her fiancé Scott Mason was killed by the T-X to get to her. She blames herself for it.
  • John summing up to Kate why It Sucks to Be the Chosen One.
    John: Just imagine if you knew you were gonna do something important with your life, something amazing, maybe the most important thing anyone has ever done before, but there's a catch: something terrible has to happen. You couldn't live with yourself if you didn't try to stop it, but—
    Kate: What are you talking about?
    John: It's just the life you know, all the stuff that you take for granted, it's not gonna last.
  • The glowing red eyes of the T-850 blinking off at the very end, after his Heroic Sacrifice to save John and Kate, as the nukes start flying and Judgment Day begins.