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Tearjerker / Teach Me How to Win (or Live)

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  • Chapter 1: Like a Cloud (or a Rock)
    • Jackson's outburst towards Cruz when she tries to convince him to put their differences aside was rather uncalled for.
      Jackson: You know what would make things a whole lot better for me? If you'd go back to Rust-eze Racing Center and stay there. Where you belong!
  • Chapter 4: Runs in the Family
    • Cruz sadly reveals that the reason she lived with her aunt is because her mother died when she was at a young age, and never actually got to know her father.
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    • Lightning also reveals that he wasn't very close to his parents either, as they didn't approve of his dreams of becoming a racer (Lightning's father especially).
  • Chapter 5: Touched a Nerve
    • It's a little depressing to see how badly Jackson clashes with the other racers thanks to his assholish behavior, especially since Ray, his crew chief, is trying to help Jackson make friends and be nice for once. In particular, Tim Treadless gives Jackson a brief "The Reason You Suck" Speech after he beats Tim in a racing game.
      Tim: I hope it's worth being a grade-A jackass winner all the time. Even if it means having no friends and everyone hating you.
  • Chapter 6: A Recurring Storm
    • Cruz losing the Piston Cup race to Jackson, which clearly got to her emotionally.
  • Chapter 7: Jerkson Storm
    • Cruz yet again tries to make amends with Jackson, only for him to mock her for losing to him in the Piston race. Cruz clearly doesn't take it well but says nothing.
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    • Jackson's continued failed attempts at making friends only serves to show Ray that there might be no hope for him.
  • Chapter 8: Stormy Weather
    • Tex questions why Cruz isn't doing too well, which only further increases her anxiety and makes Lightning wonder if he's doing a good job as her crew chief.
    • The entire phone call conversation between Jackson and his father looked like it was going to be heartwarming reunion between the two (albeit indirectly of course), but it turns out it was only a ruse just to convince Jackson to loan him money.
  • Chapter 9: Walls
    • Both of the flashbacks have some pretty sad moments to them.
      • The first one depicts Cruz participating in a Rio Grande Speedway race, only to immediately forfeit as her anxiety gets the best of her.
      • The second one features a younger Jackson spending Christmas with his nanny Nancy. However, Jackson isn't all that happy since his parents aren't around to celebrate it with him.
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    • The ending of the chapter has Cruz slamming into a wall. A pretty noteworthy case of History Repeats considering what happened to Doc and Lightning.
  • Chapter 10: Waking Up
    • Cruz breaks down, albeit in a pained manner, as she feels like she let Lightning down by losing control of herself, which in turn, led to Cruz crashing into a wall.
    • Meanwhile, Lightning feels that he failed as Cruz's crew chief, and wonders if he truly deserves to be either a chief or a racer.
    • Jackson continues to show signs of being in unstable condition, especially when he starts shaking after Ray snaps at him in harsh (but deserving) manner.
  • Chapter 11: Crossroads
    • Lightning's guilt from the last chapter has shown to build up a little, considering he blames himself that Cruz had to spend the next three weeks hospitalized after crashing herself.
    • Cruz is also shown to have developed some form of PTSD from the crash and her losing streak. The minute she sees the canyon wall of Wille's Butte, she blanks out and has an internal panic attack. When Lightning asks her what's wrong, this was her response:
    Cruz: I... I can't race.
    • Jackson starts showing signs of guilt and begins contemplating his life; after getting chewed out by his sponsor over a sudden losing streak, Jackson wonders if he'll end up getting booted off the racing team as a result, and also wonders if he even has anything in his life besides racing.

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