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Tearjerker / Tales of the World

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You know those moments in these games that made you sad or almost cry? Well they'll be listed down here.

Radiant Mythology

  • The battle against Kanonno, is a big one. At least you get to hear her own battle theme.
  • After all the worlds are released, you have to say goodbye to Kanonno and Mormo. On the good side both of them have their worlds back and Terresia is saved.

Radiant Mythology 2

  • At the end before the Protagonist chases Goede, Kanonno does not want for the Protagonist to disappear because she knows she might never see them again. She is however convinced by Niata to let them go.
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  • Not playing the epilogue, will make the Protagonist to never be seen again, but this inspires Kanonno to write a book about their adventures. At the end of the story, Kanonno hopes for the Protagonist's return.
  • Kanonno doesn't take her discovery of being the reincarnation of pascavery well. Not to mention the truth about her parents. Luckily Paneer and the Protagonist help her getting better.

Radiant Mythology 3

  • The Protagonist almost died when they got stabbed by Jildea's fangs, making Kanonno very concerned, to the point she even cried. They get better thanks to her.

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