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Tearjerker / Superstore

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  • In "Back to Work", Cheyenne (while still on leave) comes in to buy groceries and share pictures of baby Harmonica. The usual antics prevent her from sharing the pictures much, which isn't too bad but does make her feel like her coworkers haven't missed her. The real bad part starts when she tries to sneak her stuff through a register in order to skip the line and is too meek to walk away when other customers starting having her cash them out as well. She tries to sing to her daughter over her cell, but a customer snaps at her to hang up and in a panic, she accidentally packs her phone in his bag. By the end of the episode, she can still be seen stuck at the register and hasn't once been noticed by any of her colleagues.
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  • At the end of "Lost and Found", Amy confesses to Glenn that her home life is failing because she and her husband realized they were both unhappy with their marriage and their daughter is upset by the situation.
  • Mateo saying that he doesn't love Jeff. Poor Jeff and Mateo are both clearly hit hard by it.
  • Glenn asking Jeff to not make him fire employees who Glenn thinks of as family.
  • Sandra being forced to break up with her boyfriend... all because she lost at a coin toss. Even worse in that they were in the middle of moving in together.
    • And prior to that, she goes on a rant about how she deserves happiness because the universe craps on her so much. Way to Kick the Dog.
  • “Employee Appreciation Day” ends with Mateo being taken into ICE custody while all the store employees look on sadly. What's worse is that just before this, he is trying to escape the store with Amy and Cheyenne while Dina tries to find them a safe exit. When they realize they are going to be surrounded by agents, Dina regretfully tells them she is sorry while Mateo gives up and allows himself to be taken.

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