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Tearjerker / Summer Camp Island

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Poor Pepper.

The show may be cute, but there's still some sad moments in there.

Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

Season 1

"It's My Party"

  • Oscar revealing when he had his fifth birthday party, no one attended, not even Hedgehog who had other plans.
  • While the party comes together nicely, no one can stand Susie's bossy nature and didn't want to attend her birthday party, so Hedgehog comes up with a plan to get everyone to come by telling them to say the opposite about how they feel about her, so that way Susie will feel liked. But when Susie learns the truth, she goes berserk and destroys her own party.

"Moon Problems"

  • When Oscar loses his friendship bracelet, the Moon is emotionally affected and decides to quit his job. At first, Oscar does not seem to mind until Susie deduces that his ignorance is the reason for the Moon leaving.

"Monster Visit"

  • The monsters' godmonster from "Monster Visit", who wanted them to be proper scary monsters while they did not want to, actually didn't want to be scary herself. While the end of the episode has her reconciling with the monsters, it's still sad that for a long time they had a bad relationship because of something none believed in.

"Pepper's Blanket is Missing"

  • Pepper being sad after someone took his blanket. But then we learn that he faked having his blanket stolen because he wanted nice attention after everyone was giving him a hard time because of his blanket.


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