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Tear Jerker / Strings

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  • Korra being successfully kidnapped by Tarrlok.
    • Korra begging Tarrlok to let her bring her Naga which he ignores.
  • Korra is physically and emotionally abused by Tarrlok after she is kidnapped and forcibly married to him.
  • Tarrlok's canon backstory is already a terajerker but it's even worse in the fanfic.
    • Yakonne was physically abusive towards his wife after Noatok's disappearance which caused her to commit suicide.
    • Tarrlok found her body and it's heavily implied he killed Yakonne because of this.
    • Korra was very upset and was begging him to stop talking about his past.
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  • He briefly mentioned being a former alcoholic due to his past.

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