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Tearjerker / Squirrel Boy

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  • "Islands in the Streets" has Rodney and Salty Mike be separated from their respective owners due to falling out of a vehicle and being flung into an island located in the middle of a highway, making there be no escape. Andy and Kyle feel depressed over their isolation from their pets.
  • The "Angey" clown statue that Mr. J wanted so badly to complete his collection breaks near the end of "The Big Haggle Hassle". This causes him to break into tears and mourn its loss. What makes this even sadder is that his son wanted to buy it for him.
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  • The short "Bedside Matters" takes Mr. J's woobie status Up to Eleven by using his as a Cosmic Plaything: he simultaneously runs a fever and has every bone in his body broken. On top of that, Rodney torments him by "taking care of him".
  • In "Be Careful What You Fish For", Rodney and Andy's friendship falls into jeopardy as a result of Rodney developing an interest to do chores and work for others, abandoning fun and games in the process. Andy is The Woobie here.


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