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Tearjerker / Sports Night

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  • Dan painfully explaining what happened to his brother at the end of "The Apology."
    I'm sorry, Sam. You deserved better in my hands.
  • Jeremy's speech to Dana and Isaac explaining why he fainted during the hunting trip.
    Jeremy: We shot a deer in the woods near Lake Manotauk on the second day. There was a special vest they had me wear so they could distinguish me from things they wanted to shoot, and I was pretty grateful for that. Almost the whole day had gone by and we hadn't found anything, Eddie was getting frustrated and Bob Schoomaker was getting embarrassed. The camera guy needed to reload, so I told everyone to take a ten-minute break. There was a stream nearby and I walked over with this care package Natalie made me. I sat down, when I looked up I saw three of them. Small, bigger, biggest. Recognizable to any species on the planet as a mom, dad, and a baby. The trick to shooting deer is to get them out in the open. And it's tough with deer, because these are clever, cagey animals with an intuitive sense of danger. You know what you have to do to get a deer out in the open? you hold out a twinkie. That animal clopped up to me like we were at a party. She seemed to be pretty interested in the twinkie, so I gave it to her. Looking back, she'd have been better off if I'd given her the vest. And Bob comes and screams to me, "get out of the way!" The camera had been reloaded and it looked like the day wasn't going to be a total waste after all. So I backed away, a couple steps at a time. I closed my eyes when I heard the shot. I know that they're just animals, and they don't play bridge or go to the prom, but you can't tell me this little deer didn't know who his mom was. That's got to mean something! Later on, Bob's telling me about the nobility and tradition of hunting, and how it related to the Native Americans, and I nodded and said it was interesting, while all I was thinking was what a load of crap it was. Hunting was part of their culture, it was food and clothes. They sang and danced and offered prayers to the gods for a successful hunt, so they could survive just one more unimaginably brutal winter. The things they had to kill held the highest place of respect for them, and to kill for fun was a sin. They knew the gods wouldn't be so generous next time. What we did wasn't food, and it wasn't clothes, and it wasn't sports. It was just mean.

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