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Tearjerker / Spells R Us

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  • In "Bikini Beach: Anya and Me", Anya's childhood friend, Greg (with whom she's developing a romantic relationship) develops an addiction to being transformed while working at the park. Over the course of the story, he becomes a series of increasingly sexy women with higher libidos (even as the transformations themselves becomes agonizingly painful), and engages in increasingly risque behavior. Finally, he becomes a drunken party girl who sexually throws herself at Anya — and wakes up to discover that the transformation hasn't worn off. When Anya informs Grandmother of the situation, she isn't angry — because she knows the real reason behind Greg's behavior: several years earlier, he was at a party with his parents and became drunk; his father took the keys from him, saying that if he wasn't man enough to hold his liquor, he wasn't man enough to drive them home. On the way home, the family was in a car accident, and both of his parents were killed. He's been punishing himself by trying to prove his father's words right — thus absolving himself of the false guilt of having caused their accident. When Grandmother confronts him with the truth and forces him to admit it out loud, he breaks down sobbing uncontrollably into her shoulder.
    • And then, Grandmother admits to Greg why Anya lives with her, and why she no longer uses her magic to its full extent: Anya's mother — her own daughter — become Drunk On Power and started to turn evil. What's worse, Anya is already far more powerful than the Old Woman had realized — and she's terrified that she's is going to go down the same dark path as her mom. There's also the implication of what the Old Woman had to do to stop her daughter.
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    • To top it off, Greg's body is suffering from "magic shock" (brought on by too many transformations in such a short period of time), and he must remain in his transformed state for one to two weeks until his body recovers, lest he do himself permanent harm in the process of changing back. He's stuck in a very sexy body with an absurdly high libido; he's terrified to go back to his dorm alone (because he doesn't trust himself), and is facing flunking out of school. Fortunately, Anya agrees to help him through it, letting him stay with her and hinting that she'll take his place at school. However, the entire episode has made them realize that they're moving too quickly with their relationship, because they're both afraid of being alone; they have to work through their personal pain — Greg losing his parents, Anya losing her mom — before they can move forward.

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