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Tear Jerker / Shattered Skies: The Morning Lights

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What else do you expect from one of the authors of Stars Above?

This is the Tear Jerker page for Shattered Skies: The Morning Lights, and it's going to be lengthy.

Work in progress.


  • Let's start with Joker faking Tomoyo's death, right before the eyes of a horrified Sakura, Shaoran, and Kero...
    • ... which is followed shortly afterward by the NOTHING erasing Shaoran from existence in mid-sentence...
      • ... and then the complete destruction of all of Tomoeda by the Time Reaper. All those beloved, quirky side-characters from the manga and anime, including Sakura and Tomoyo's parents, their classmates, their teachers, their friends? All gone.
  • The Precure invasion arc opens with Hikari, Hikaru, Pollun, and Lulun being Ret-Gone'd, with the former two instantly vanishing from Akane's memories.
  • The Precure 5, Milky Rose, and their fairies make a desperate attempt to escape from Cinc Lumieres as it falls apart around them. Milky Rose uses her one attack per transformation to try to keep back a horde of unprocessed Daimon so that the others can escape... and not only does it not work, with Rose being electrocuted and blown up immediately afterward, but none of the Precures or the fairies make it out. Her sacrifice was All for Nothing.
  • In the vignettes of the other Precure teams, Cure Sword is being beaten up by her beloved Princess Marie-Ange, whom she spent the whole series pining over.
  • When the Stranger arrives to save the Heartcatch Cures, only Blossom, Marine, Sunshine, and the fairies make it through, thanks to Coupe sacrificing himself. Only Sunshine doesn't make it far... in the tunnel past the door, Dark Precure and the brainwashed Moonlight grab her ankle. The Stranger sees them, panics, and closes the tunnel on them, depositing Sunshine and Potpourri in an empty void along with Dark and Moonlight.
  • Joker saves his biggest dick move for last, pitting the Smile Cures against... the DD Girls. Yes, the same monsters that traumatized generations of children. The battle starts out near-identical to the events of that infamous episode, with Cure March taking out two and seemingly dying in the process. Cure Beauty manages better than poor Sailor Mercury did, by virtue of having an offensive attack... but Joker simply shows up and runs her through anyway. Cure Happy gets dragged underneath the ice and caught in an explosion, and Cure Sunny walks off to face the last one by herself, leaving Peace as a sobbing wreck. This is all after the girls lose Candy, their fairy partner, to the Time Reaper... and then Joker reappears to the traumatized Peace, revealing that he did all this deliberately, knowing that she knew of the infamous episode in question, just to send a message. He tops himself by reviving Happy, Sunny, March, and Beauty as new Bad End Precure, and Peace is dragged through the door to the Lighthouse by the Stranger nearly comatose.
  • The Madokaverse arc takes place Post-Rebellion. Let that sink in: all the girls are happy for once, and Joker has to come along and ruin it all.


  • Tsubomi has a complete breakdown over the guilt of leaving Sunshine and everyone else in Kibougahana behind. It takes a Bright Slap and a Precision F-Strike from Erika to snap her out of it.
  • It's revealed exactly what Joker did to Minako: he took her voice. Minako had finally achieved her dream of becoming an idol singer, and he took her voice.
  • The Unison Will obliterates the entire TSAB Dimensional Navy before they can fire a shot, with only Yuuno and Mariel surviving.
  • Bar none, the BIGGEST Tearjerker of the story so far: Fate has to Mercy Kill Alph in Chapter 37, who has been driven rabid by Viluy's pseudo-virus. With all other options unworkable or exhausted, Fate has no choice but to put her oldest friend down, as Alph is too far gone to even recognize her.


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