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Tearjerker / Sentinels of the Multiverse

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He'll be back. The good ones always come back.
You know, this card game is starting to get super deep. Maybe too deep. Ah well, these Tear Jerkers exist, might as well tell ya about them.

  • Let's start off with Nightmist's death. She uses herself to open a portal to other dimensions and bring heroes there to help fight OblivAeon and then she dissipates into mist.
  • Another OblivAeon death is La Comodora, who has just started to be beloved by fans, both in-universe and out, rams her ship into OblivAeon and becomes lost outside of time. But this time she can't get back in because OblivAeon was the reason multiversal time travel existed in the first place.
  • The Existance of the Miststorm timeline. It's a timeline where everything is so, so terrible. The Universe is slowly unraveling due the Miststorm and everybody is much worse for wear. Except for Thiago who is still alive in this universe unlike in the Sentinel Comics timeline where he becomes the hero Muerta at the cost of his life.
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  • Ansel G. Moreau aka Stuntman is horribly scarred in the OblivAeon fight due to Borr the Unstable being defeated by him. And we mean actually scarred this time and not just a small knick. In the Tactics timeline he becomes Ambuscade again because of this. In the Sentinel Comics timeline he continues heroing.
  • Every hero in the Iron Legacy timeline ending up dead, with Haka at the bottom of the ocean. The only person left alive is the Wraith who's pretty much as bad as Iron Legacy now with her having control of the Organization and waging war against Iron Legacy. Meanwhile Citizen Dawn is just hanging out in Australia so there's one bright spot, we guess.
    • Additionally, the Timeline get's utterly destroyed in order to help stop OblivAeon.
  • Yet another OblivAeon death, Ra and the rest of the Egyptian Pantheon's Kamikaze suicide attack against OblivAeon. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome because they are the first ones who damage it.
  • Any time you set up a fight involving America's Newest Legacy versus Iron Legacy. A daughter who lost her father to her father's Arch-Enemy, but went to honor his memory by fighting for what he believed in. A father who lost his daughter to his Arch-Enemy, and went mad with grief, and Jumped Off The Slippery Slope. There is no happy ending there. Either America's Newest Legacy has to kill an alternate timeline version of her father, knowing he went crazy because of her death (if the player wins), or Iron Legacy kills his own daughter when her death was what caused his Start of Darkness.
  • Following Omnitron-X's death (a sad moment in itself) Unity collects the pieces of her fallen friend and tried to rebuild him. This puts some strain on her relationship with Tachyon due to Tachyon's Just a Machine attitude towards Omni and skepticism towards Unity's endeavor.
    • Unity's rebuilding doesn't go particularly well as she is only capable of recreating Omnitron-X's body and not his mind. For a time this recreation serves as a Replacement Goldfish for an in-denial Unity. Thankfully when she gets over this denial she accidentally brings Omni back.

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