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Tearjerker / Saga

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The Comic Book Series

The series has been described as Star Wars meets Game of Thrones. That last part means that Anyone Can Die. And unsurprisingly, all of these entries involve major character deaths so spoilers ahead.

  • Barr's sacrifice in issue 11.
  • The Brand's visit to The Will in the hospital in issue 18; it's revealed that they're siblings, and that they had been estranged for years. Her name is also Sophie, the name he gave to the young girl he rescued.
  • Yuma sacrifices herself to save the wooden ship in issue 28.
  • The Brand's death in chapter 29.
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  • The Will finding out about his sister's death and angrily rejecting Sophie, believing it was all her fault.
  • The hallucination of The Brand talking The Will down from killing Prince Robot's son.
  • In issue 38, Izabel is destroyed by Freelancers seeking Marko, sacrificing herself to protect the family she cares about.
  • Issue 42. Sweet Boy is gunned down by an unknown assailant. Phang is destroyed, taking Kurti and all of Jabara's clan with it. Hazel's family escapes, but Alana loses the baby.
    • In a later issue, we discover that Sweet Boy has been skinned and turned into a rug.
    • And the worst part is that Phang would have survived, except a bunch of Landfall soldiers had decided to get some payback...
  • The abortion of the unborn baby. Marko and Alana have to endure a Forecast of the lost child, a ghost of a possible future where the child survived and lived on as Hazel's baby brother. Seeing him and Hazel play, Alana and Marko begin having second thoughts despite the miscarried fetus poisoning Alana. They eventually go through with it, and the unborn boy, Kurti, fades into nonexistence in Hazel's arms.
    Kurti: You should totally be a singer when you grow up.
    Hazel:...I don't know. My parents say I'm probably gonna be a doctor or something.
    Kurti: Mommy and Daddy are wrong. You're gonna be the bestest singer ever. Goodbye, Hazel...
    Hazel: Goodbye, baby brother.
    • Hazel is still sad over the original Kurti's death, refusing to call her unborn brother as such when he insists.
  • When older Hazel starts talking about Phang and its history, one of the panels shows a young Sophie being taken away by her future master to Sextillion.
  • Doff's death in Issue #51. It gets even worse when Ghus finds his body in Issue #53.
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  • Issue 53 ends with The Will ripping Prince Robot IV's head off.
  • Marko's death in Issue #54. For extra Tearjerker fuel, the issue ends with a reprise of Hazel's narration from the first issue, with the last line ("Not everybody does [get to grow old]") on a shot of Marko's dead body.

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