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Tearjerker / Sabres of Infinity

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     Sabres of Infinity 
  • If you decide to instead explore Noringia instead of going to the officer's club you can just see what the war has done to the city and in fact you can what it's done to it's inhabitants.
  • Lanzerel explaining what happened how desperately the townsfolk fought to protect their home :
    Lanzerel: "No soldiers, just folk, like the ones back at home. Tapsters, bakers, tailors, smiths; them and their wives and their children. Half the bloody town turned on us as we came through. They shot at us with heirlooms and hunting pieces, they hacked at us with saws and dirks and saintsdamned eating knives. They threw stones and bricks and cobbles and anything else they could lay hands on"
  • Leaving Elson to his fate. It's especially worse if you've have a high relationship value with him.
     Guns of Infinity 
  • If you managed to capture the Antari Camp and keep the noble for ransom during Chapter 10 of Sabre of Infinity with your own plan, you will receive a letter from Grendier Square telling you that the ransom had already in your bank account, considering the significant amount of ransom money for a lieutenant, one might realized that Elson, then-Captain of your squadron, won't be alive to see his share.
  • During the winter before the Second Battle of Kharangia, MC will discover that a third of his soldiers are absent, when ask about it, MC discovered that the King had halved the wood ration for common soldier to build barges and transport the army by water. Even your intervention to your men's need only enough to make sure your men do not caught diseases due to the harsh winter.
  • The crippled Duke of Cunaris. Any scenes that highlight his disability is tough to read especially if one knows and cares for someone in the same position.
    • Mitigated if you have a high enough intellect stat and choose to advise him that he can use his talents elsewhere, mitigating the pain of the moment. More so if you're a knight and have mentored his son Renald both in Kharangia and shortly before the final battle: he explains how the lieutenant speaks highly of you and views you as the older sibling he never had, since he himself was the eldest. He then asks you to take his son as your squire in preparation for him taking up the family duties. Your affirmation only serves to turn his smile into a hearty grin.
  • Coupled with being a CMOA, the last stand of the Experimental Corps as they faced down a full force of Antari Hussars.
  • The simple fact that no matter what you do any choice you make will result in someone dying in the end at Second Kharingia. A sobering thought that in war no one gets out unscathed.
  • A ruthless MC induces this for his victims. When a group Church Hussars, resolved to remain by the dead Lady Aleksandra's side till the end, you can give the order to execute them where they stand. At the end, even your men realise there was no honour in such a victory.
    • Alternately, if you order your men to capture her alive, you will see the consequence of your decision costs majority of soldiers in your squadron. Bonus point if MC told them to hold it because he had done so before at Blogia, they had died because of your over-confidence of your skills.
  • If you report Lefebvre to Major Hunter in the last game, you will discover that your effort are All for Nothing because not only Lefebvre use his connections to avoid his punishment, he also managed to get offical sanction for his action. MC could do nothing but to either calling Lefebvre out on it, or asking him whether such action is necessary.
  • Speaking of Hunter, if you met and maintain a neutral relationship with Lefebvre, he will describe how Hunter volunteer to stay behind and cover the regiment as well as the Army to retreat while asking Lefebvre to carry the regiment colour without him. The Lieutenant-Colonel's tear reveals that even if they do not share the same opinion about winning the war, they are still inseparable friends.

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