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Tearjerker / Rupert

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  • Rupert Bear facing the decision of saying goodbye to his pet firebird Bernie and being informed that being exposed to water would be harmful for the bird in "Rupert and the Firebird". The episode does have a happy ending of Bernie getting to live in the Bird Kingdom, but if it's your first time seeing the episode, you wouldn't be blamed for assuming it would end with Death by Newbery Medal.

  • Despite the show somewhat looking over it; the way Cryil and Cubby are treated by their grandpa is quite a sad and horrific case of abuse. Not only does he verbally abuse them constantly, Rupert is allowed to stay in one of their rooms at the hideout, which is a completely run down, empty, broken, and downright hazardous room. It's clear that their grandpa doesn't even see them as people but tools for his own use. Arguably the worst part: they blindly obey their grandpa with mostly a gleeful attitude, just listening to their authority figure as they're suppose to do. Not realising that this isn't normal treatment.

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