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Tearjerker / Runaways (2017)

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Season 1

     Episode 1 - Reunion 

  • Nico trying to use a magical ritual to contact her sister, and breaking down in tears when it fails. It's a quiet but powerful moment, moreso because most of it is filmed at a distance and without any audible dialogue.

     Episode 2 - Rewind 

  • Destiny mentioning how she didn’t want to miss her daughter’s birthday. If you already saw the episode, you know that she unwillingly failed her wish.

     Episode 3 - Destiny 
     Episode 4 - Fifteen 

  • Nico opening the door to her sister's body is both this and pure nightmare fuel. Doubly so if you've ever lost a loved one to suicide or overdose.
  • After Chase gets into another fight with the two would-be rapist members of his team, a girl goes up to Karolina and loudly blames her for her near-rape, an unfortunate Truth in Television moment for many rape survivors. The worst part is, Karolina has no memory of her ordeal as she was unconscious, so she has no idea why she's getting ostracized over this.
    • Even worse because she has no memory of the attack but knows she passed out and woke up somewhere else. She's unsure about what actually happened during her black out and tearfully begs to Gert to assure her that she would know if she was raped, wouldn't she?

     Episode 5 - Kingdom 

  • Darius may be a gang lord but it's hard not to feel sorry for him as he relates he took the fall and confessed to murder for Geoffrey to get out free as they were friends and believed the promise of "being set for life." Instead, while Geoffrey became rich and successful, Darius is stuck in his old house with his aunt (who treated Geoffrey like her own son) dying slowly of cancer. No wonder he now hates Geoffrey's guts.
  • The team is unable to save Andre. Alex feels extremely guilty because he shot Andre to save his dad, who he doesn't know was worth saving.
  • Chase finding out his dad has cancer. His dad may be abusive, but he's still his father and Chase is very visibly distraught.
  • Continuing from a similar scene in the last episode, but twice when Chase thinks that he's upset his father in some way he looks terrified and tearfully tries to apologise. Victor himself sees this and is visibly disgusted in himself for inspiring such fear in his son through his previous physical abuse, and even though he tries to apologise for it, Chase still appears frightened.

     Episode 6 - Metamorphosis 

  • Tina, after finding out Robert is having an affair retreats to her office and breaks down crying. Nico sees it but can't go to her and starts crying too.

     Episode 7 - Refraction 

  • Molly. Just Molly. She let the group know about her slip up from the last episode and storms off after some critical lines toward her. Then she went to the school dance team for another audition, only to appointed as manager (as in bringing their towels and drinks) out of clear disrespect from their leader. Then the Wilders confront the Yorkes' about the aforementioned slip up. In opposed to whatever the Wilders suggested, the Yorkes' instead have Molly arranged to go live with a cousin she doesn’t know about. Feeling disowned, Molly snaps at them and Gert has to take her out of the room before she unleashed her powers. All of this results in a break down with Molly crying in Gert's arms.
  • Chase's reaction to his dad's abusive behavior surfacing again was this. Chase feels fooled and is absolutely heartbroken.
  • Unlike the Steins, who are civil at the very least regarding the affair, Tina refuses to speak to Robert, or even allow Nico to come near him after he left the house.
  • Janet having justify her affair with Robert to Chase (who’s growing more sympathetic towards his father due to Victor’s brain tumor) and the PRIDE (or least Leslie), having to point out that she was receiving no kindness from an abusive man.
  • Despite everything that happened between Chase and his dad, the abuse, the violence, and all the ensuing fights the Runaways get into with their parents. Chase STILL sends a message back in time to his dad to keep him from picking up the Fistigons.

     Episode 8 - Tsunami 

  • Chase's reaction to his father's injury. He asks constantly if his father will be okay, and talks about how he still loves him and hopes for a second chance. It's even more of a Tear Jerker than it would otherwise be because this is all in spite of his father's past treatment of him.
    • While Chase is wondering what will happen if Victor dies, Janet is more worried about what will happen if he lives. Chase tries to argue that this time was different, thinking that it was either the tumor or Jonah's serum, which means that it was medical. Janet asks what difference this makes, and Chase tells her the difference: if it wasn't a medical condition, then Victor actually wanted to kill Chase.

     Episode 9 - Doomsday 

  • The flashbacks throughout the episode: we see Molly's origin story, where Molly's parents die and Molly is left alone in the burning building (where her powers manifest for the first time).
  • Tina has a flashback of going into Amy's room and seeing Jonah playing with her, where she's clearly uneasy- plays on Adult Fear for any parent who worries about having an unstable friend around their child.
  • Chase decides to take a chance and talk with Gert and they later have a sexual encounter, but is almost immediately rejected by her when she says it was a one time thing.

     Episode 10 - Hostile 

  • Tina and Robert learning from Leslie that Jonah killed Amy because she hacked the Wizard servers. She most likely didn't even find out about Pride, but Jonah killed her anyways just to be sure.
    Tina: She died for nothing...
  • Gert having to send Old Lace away because the group doesn't know how to make sure she doesn't get discovered. Gert takes a moment to say Goodbye to her alone, promises her to come back for her as soon as she can and is in tears when she watches her dinosaur disappear into the woods.


Season 2

     Episode 1 - Gimmie Shelter 

  • The death of Graciela Aguire at the hands of Tina. She was the last blood relative Molly had and her death is clearly heartbreaking for the girl.

     Episode 3 - Double Zeros 

  • Darius' murder at the hands of Catherine. Despite being a criminal, the past episodes established him as not that bad, and his wife's reaction to his death is genuinely heartwrenching.

     Episode 5 - Rock Bottom 

  • The revelation of Topher's true backstory. He didn't find the rocks that gave him his powers in an alleyway as he initially claimed. Topher worked at the lab the Hernandez' worked and witnessed the explosion that killed them. He found the rocks they were working on and became addicted to the powers they gave him. However, this also made him more violent and angry, resulting in him being kicked out after crippling his father. What really makes this so heartbreaking is that it shows how the Pride's actions have affected people outside of their families.

     Episode 11 - Last Waltz 

  • Seeing Stacey and Dale's marriage, which had been the most endearing among the PRIDE, slowly coming undone as Stacey's possession results in her becoming more ruthless and antagonistic.
  • Chase's parting with the group in order to go back to his family after hearing his father was sick. He's unaware that his father has been possessed by Jonah and ends up leaving his friends and his relationship with Gert behind for nothing in the end.


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