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Tearjerker / Romance of the Three Kingdoms

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  • Zhou Yu, the eternal Butt-Monkey of Zhuge Liang's schemes, dies from agitation after one humiliation too many from the superior strategist, leaving us with his Famous Last Words:
  • Some events depicted in XIII are this.
    • The event where Lady Bian discusses why she felt that none of her 3 remaining sons at the time should succeed their father Cao Cao takes on a tragic note when one realises that she would eventually outlive 2 of them (Pi and Zhang) and even Zhi outlived her by a mere 2 years.
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    • The video depicting Liu Bei's death. Unlike the controversial version found in historical records and the novel (where Liu asks Zhuge Liang to take over as ruler of Shu), Liu Bei merely tells Zhuge Liang to "lead Shu's officers" if Liu Shan is not a worthy ruler; this avoids the controversy that no Chinese leader in that era will willingly ask a non-relative to take over an empire from his descendants. The final moments of the video show him reaching for the air, with images of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei appearing, signifying them awaiting their brother to join them. It hammers home the fact that at his deathbed, Liu was truly a broken man.
  • Starting from the chapter when Guan Yu is killed, Liu Bei and his kingdom of Shu hit a major setback that potentially dooms the bright future of reunification. Furthermore, at that time, a majority of the characters, regardless of which kingdom he or she serves or belongs, died of old age or during the battle. The sudden events could not help but to make the readers cry over their deaths.
    • In fact, a main reason why the story is tragic is because as the story come closer to the end or even during the climax, some unfamilar characters replace those who we had known in the beginning of the story. It is as if the author is trying to remind the reader that: 1. no matter how much he can fantasise the plot, the history itself is cold and brutal. 2.No one can live forever, and what the future generation can recall of you are your actions and deeds. As audience watch the show come to an end, they realize the only witnesses of the story are themselves.

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