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Tearjerker / Ressha Sentai ToQger

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Station 15
  • The episode was about the Monster of the Week bringing people's personal desires to life and destroying it in front of them. Mio's personal desire was her imaginary friend, Maiki, coming to life. Anyone with half a brain could figure out where that would go. When the monster kills Maiki, hoping to send Mio into despair, it instead sends her into an epic Unstoppable Rage.

Station 23

  • During the scene where they remember their town festival, Right realizes that he is having memories of his family. EVERYONE is crying, from Kagura's teary eyes to Tokatti's outright bawling.
    • When the core Tokkyugers finally begin to remember their home, the memory Kagura has shows her going to her parents, and a little brother...
    • Grita's death. What sells it is Schwartz's reaction. Despite admitting that he was only using Grita for his own goals, she says that she's glad she was of some use to him. Schwartz was clearly distraught. Things only get worse when Zed emerges from her body.

Station 24

  • The Tokkyugers were right with their theory that their home was absorbed into the Shadow Line. This very fact can bring tears to one's eyes.

Station 32

  • When you find out that the ToQgers are still kids, and have decided to keep fighting the Shadow Line, even though their chances of becoming kids again decreases the longer they remain in their current state. They could end up losing most of their youth.

Station 36

  • The heartbroken look on Hikari's face, when he sees an old teacher of him and the others, doesn't recognize him.

Station 39

  • It's the Christmas episode, and it's here Akira fulfils his 'favor in return' to Schwartz for getting the Drill Ressha back.

Station 41

  • Gritta seeing her loved ones being killed off by Z.
  • Hell, the entire episode counts, given that by now you're sympathising with just about EVERYONE-Grita over the loss of her mother, Akira over the loss of Schwarz, the team over the same losses and Z over the fact that everyone wants him to embrace darkness
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  • Akira getting hugged by the main team. In a show of true companionship, they were beyond glad that this isn't where he dies.

Station 43

  • Kagura's dream in which she is reunited with her parents and her baby brother, but they don't recognise her.
  • When Dollhouse Shadow burns down the dollhouse Hikari and Kagura were trapped in. We know they have an escape plan, but the reactions of the other ToQgers to what appears to be their deaths is heartbreaking.

Station 45

  • As Right leaves off to go fight Zett, the others run after the departing train, sorrowfully screaming out his name, even as they revert back to children.
    • After they've come to the end of the platform, Akira has to step in to keep them from going any farther, holding all four back at once. When they stop screaming for Right to come back, it's already too late; all their memories of their time as the ToQGer are gone. They don't even remember Akira, who's literally kneeling down right in front of them. The look on his face says it all; the team he's fought with all these months? Gone, in an instant.
  • The Conductor offers Right to visit his family and friends, but he declines, convinced that he can never go back home.

Hyper Battle DVD

  • After the battle with Kaniros, Ticket passes on, with Raito and Akira taking time to give him a proper funeral.

Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger Returns

  • The fact Raito and the others can no longer see the Ressha.

Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger vs Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger

  • During the night before the final confrontation with Devius, the Tokkyugers are at their lowest point. They realized how small they are compared to the world and how their battles never seemed as big as saving the world as they have been protecting one town at a time while Kyoryugers have protecting the world as a whole. It didn't help that the Kyoryugers are currently seriously injured, thus they believe they have to battle Devius and his minions without their help though the Zyudenchi did offer their help. Also while they are happy they are turn back to adults after the defeat of Clock Shadow they wondered if it was easier that they would have stay as children so when they return home, their families would recognize them and they could reunite with their families. While they eventually rediscover their resolve, you have to remember they are still human and children at heart who have their own fears and doubts.

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