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Tearjerker / Rabbids Invasion

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They never got to be together...

Surely a show about insane rabbit-like creatures who speak no decipherable language probably has no possible way of making people cry...right?

  • In Rabbid Mozart, Barranco draws a circle on the ground to keep a confused Rabbid inside. The other Rabbids leave, laughing while their friend looks sad and rejected.
  • In Rabbid Werewolf it is revealed that the werewolf Rabbid actually is harmless and just wants to play like a huge puppy dog. But the other Rabbid didn't understand so he got in a home-made rocket and began to fly away. As it prepares to lift off, however, you can see the werewolf with a sad face, whimpering and clawing at the rocket, begging him not to leave.
  • Being Rabbid Part 3 is by far the saddest episode in the series. The episode focuses mainly on Lapinibernatus' attempts at wooing Gina, who is trapped inside a Rabbid's body. The other Rabbids barely appear and the episode resumes to build up the relationship between the two smart Rabbids. But just as Gina was about to get Lapinibernatus to become human so that the two of them could be together, John the Scientist returns, grabs Gina and kicks Lapinibernatus away, thinking he was trying to harm her, leaving him heartbroken and forever surrounded by the other idiotic Rabbids.
    • This episode becomes truly heartbreaking when you realize how much misery Lapinibernatus has been put through ever since he met the other Rabbids. He never had anyone with the same level of intelligence he had, so Gina was literally the first living thing that had ever had a coherent conversation with him. And leaving with her could have given him the happiness and peace he so rightfully deserves, but John took it all away from him and since Gina showed no sort of interest in finding Lapinibernatus again nor even told John of her nearly romantic experience with this creature, there's nothing Lapinibernatus can do about it.
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    • Though it should be noted that she does keep the flower Lapinibernatus gave her so there might be a slight Hope Spot.
  • The Season 4 episode Rabbid Allergy, one of the Rabbids being taken care of by Zak develops a contagious, allergic reaction to a caterpillar, prompting Zak to distance himself from the Rabbid while he finds a way to cure him. The Rabbid is unable to understand why Zak is running away from him so he feels sad and rejected. This is especially hard to sit through considering how close the Rabbids and Zak have become over the course of the season.

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