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Tearjerker / Professor Arc

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Professor Arc

  • Oobleck's backstory. He used to be an active hunstman, before the infamous incident at Mountain Glenn. During evacuation, two of his teammates gave their lives in a hopeless effort to protect civilians from the Grimm. The only reason Oobleck hasn't died alongside them was because his other teammate forcefully held him down, preventing the man from rushing behind them. Said teammate later quit being a huntsman over disillusionment. He is currently well-known as the criminal mastermind Roman Torchwick and actively works toward destroying everything which Oobleck holds dear. Just... ouch.
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  • The aftermath of Jaune's arrest. Nobody in Beacon is happy about it, and team RWBY takes it especially hard. The following day they are stuck in their room, barely coping with worry and frustration. And then Winter comes around. While trying to comfort her little sister, she explains that the list she gave to Weiss earlier was really a way to secretly gather information about Jaune and subsequently congratulates them all for their help in apprehending a dangerous criminal. They don't feel particularly proud. Weiss loses a lot of faith in Winter especially when she praises Weiss for helping her arrest Jaune.


Professor Arc II

  • Kali admits she spent years lying awake at night wondering if Blake was dead in a ditch somewhere and if she was such a horrible mother that her daughter wouldn't come to her with her problems.
    • After Kali leaves, Blake complains about how embarrassing her mother is. Ruby shuts her up by saying she wish her mother was still around to embarrass her.

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