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Tearjerker / Preacher (2016)

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  • The reveal that Jesse's father was murdered in front of him. Sure, he was a harsh dad, but the fact that Jesse prayed for that makes you feel bad for his mistake.
  • A guilt-stricken Jesse ripping up the floorboards of the church, desperately trying to order Eugene to come back from Hell.
  • Odin Quincannon's entire happy family dying in a freak accident.
  • Fiore trying to move on from the loss of his friend/partner, DeBlanc. He's committed suicide so many times in Las Vegas thanks to his angelic powers. It gets to the point where he asks the Saint of Killers to shoot him, just to escape what his life has turned into.
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  • When the crew saw on the news that Annville has been blown to ashes, Tulip gets depressed at the fact that her Uncle was still there. After all, he was the only one who took care of her since childhood.
  • Jesse and Tulip trying very hard to have a baby during their years together before the story.
  • Cassidy trying to help his elderly, dying son and the fact that he hates being immortal.
    • The moment Cassidy realizes he has to finally kill his son in order to keep his blood lust from affecting others, especially Tulip, is gut-wrenching. You can tell by Cassidy's expression the second before he pushes Denis out the window to be burned alive, he truly didn't want to do it out of love for his son, but it was a last second decision and he had no choice.
  • In Season 2, the flashbacks of the Saint with his family. He made an honest attempt to change himself for them, but it only got them killed.
  • Tulip's death in the Season 2 finale, with Jesse and Cassidy having a messy, desperate brawl over Cassidy wanting to turn her into a vampire to save her, while Jesse would rather see her die than see her become a bloodthirsty monster like Denis. The end of the episode implies that it's not going to stick, but still...
    • While Tulip's death may not stick it's evident that the trio is going to become more estranged from each other when compared to the bond that they had from Season One.
  • Tulip's stay in Purgatory in "Angelville." It recreates the most traumatic moment from her childhood - her father dying in a shootout with the police, apparently right in front of Tulip's eyes - in the form of a low-budget stage comedy with a laugh track and hammy acting. Not only is Purgatory making Tulip live through it all again, but it's mocking it.
  • In "Sonsabitches," Tulip follows what she believes to be the command of God and guns down a group of Grail agents who were about to give Jesse back his soul. Jesse angrily berates her for ruining his plan, and instead of shouting back like she usually would, she sinks into self-loathing, mumbling to herself about how she can't do anything right, just like any other O'Hare.
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  • T.C.'s death in the Season 3 finale is surprisingly touching, as he was by far the most sympathetic person from Angelville. Jesse didn't want to kill him, but he chose to die because he had nowhere else to go.

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