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Tearjerker / Overcomingthe Clashing Tides

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  • Copper's death and Mercury's reaction. Don't even try denying it.
    • You feel really sorry for the poor guy, and then he goes emo...
      • And when he finally snaps out of it, the girl he's had a crush on for years, is REALLY PO'd at him and she refuses to forgive him...
  • Lewis's death.
    • Alex losing it during the funeral.
    Alex: What's the matter? Shocked that I can cry?
  • Both of Ashley and Maria's breakdowns after they return.
  • Alex shunning Rory and her reaction.
  • Rory breaking down and crying when Tony stops her from cutting herself.
  • Rory's first meeting with Princess, her piplup, and Nala, her shinx.
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  • Alex's speech to Rory in the spiritual plane.


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