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Tearjerker / Outcry

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  • The Brutal Honesty being thrown around in 6.5.
    • With Dragon, on how she feels about what happened to Armsmaster:
    Dragon: “What happened to Colin was beyond your control. I know that. But when I think about it. About the fact that there isn’t any way to get to the one that did this… yes. It does make me angry. So no Taylor. I don’t hate you. I do however, hate the situation. And I’m not going to lie. I won’t… I can’t forget the image of Surtr, the damage you can do, the damage you did. I can forgive you. I can even understand you. Because you deserve that. But I have to also be prepared to fight you again and that does linger in the back of my thoughts. A distasteful reminder.”

    • With Yamada, on her father:
    Yamada: “Right now your relationship with your father is that of two people walking around each other. Of two people avoiding everything that could disturb the other. You with a fear of damaging him, and he with a great many more concerns. It would hurt him to know what you think of him. I won’t deny that. But people need to fall down before they can stand back up. Any relationship you build now will be a steel colossus with feet of clay. You need to break it down, and then rebuild it from the ground up. Rebuild the rapport you have with your family in a way that’s honest and open, with the both of you able to speak about things freely rather than be dancing around each other for fear of the others perceived frailties.”
  • Miss Militia's interlude has her come face-to-face with the sins of Just Following Orders, how she turned Taylor into a killer like she had been as a Child Soldier, and the deaths that resulted afterwards. Because of her perfect memory, she'll never be able to forget it.
  • During the Leviathan fight, Aegis and Velocity are killed by one of the Endbringer's waves not ten minutes into the fight.
    • Glory Girl followed, stopping the Endbringer from killing Taylor.
  • Arc 8 is basically a non-stop ride:
    • Taylor's fragments reveal that she was uncertain whether or not her friendships were real in the end, and that she doesn't need her father anymore because he was never there for her emotionally. Even after her soul is successfully reassembled, Danny is forced to realize just how badly he ruined his relationship with Taylor by wallowing so much in his wife's death. And just to twist the knife in, after Taylor comes back she tries to reassure him she'll be fine on her own, instantly crushing him with grief, without even realizing why.

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