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Tearjerker / Music Videos

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As much as songs could bring tears to a listener's eye, so can music videos with the power of storytelling and visuals.

Examples (in alphabetical order):

  • Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful". As Christina is singing in an empty room, clips are shown of multiple people, who either believe they are "not beautiful", or just look different. This consists of a male disappointed by his body lifting weights, an anorexic girl, another girl burning magazine pictures of models, another girl recovering from getting beaten up, a goth man on a bus, a trans woman preparing herself, and a homosexual couple making out in public. As the song continues, it shows the struggles and even pain they go through. But, during the song's climax, they all smile, conveying the song's message of being proud of yourself, no matter what you believe your looks say about you.

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  • Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends" The video is about a couple, who at the beginning of the video, promise they won't separate. However, eventually, the girlfriend finds out her boyfriend signed up for the army, which leads to a fall-out. The video ends with the boyfriend trapped in the battle he's in, and the girlfriend sitting alone on a bench in a field without him.

  • The music video of Lazee's "Stronger ft. Dead By April" (No, not the one by the latter) features a happy relationship between a couple until the protagonist's pregnant wife suffers from a heart failure and the doctors won't be able to save both her and the baby, as finding a replacement with the B+ blood type is very rare. Meanwhile, the protagonist finally saves her life by donating his heart. Unfortunately, the baby couldn't make it...
    • The aftermath in the intro is nothing short of depressing, specially for the wife's Heroic BSoD.
    "Why me?"

  • "Runaway Love" by Ludacris Feat. Mary J. Blige. Basically, the video is a retelling of the song, which is about three stories of girls who ran away from their tragic lives. The first girl has no parents for comfort, but a mother on drugs, who brings home men that attempt to molest and abuse her, which her own mother refuses to believe. The second girl had an abusive stepfather, no friends, and when she does get one, she gets killed in a drive-by. Finally, The third girl, played by Keke Palmer, is in a relationship with a teenage boy, who she partakes in intercourse with. However, she gets pregnant, with no money for an abortion. After the boy bails out on being a father, nowhere to turn to, she sits on a bench, completely breaking down. The video ends with a dozen runaway girls under a tunnel, with Ludacris singing to them.

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  • Even if you're not a Nickelback fan, the video for "Never Gonna Be Alone" could still hit a nerve. In the video, a girl, on her wedding day, flashes back to her childhood, where she reminisces on her father, from when he was alive, to after his death. Cutting back to the present, she sees the spirit of her father smiling at her.

  • P!nk's "Family Portrait". The song is mostly sung by a little girl, who is beside the main singer throughout the entire video. The two are both shown to not get along, even when the child service agent comes to the house. Then, as the two start happily playing with each other, the mother of a cereal commercial, shown earlier in the video, takes the girl away, as she and the entire family in the commercial smile, resembling a portrait, while Pink is left outside the television.

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  • Rascal Flatts' "What Hurts The Most". The video follows a girl during the aftermath of her boyfriend's death. The video begins with the girl shouting at her father, blaming the death on him. As she reminiscences of him, she is also implied to be pregnant, shown by her after throwing up. She then runs down a road to her boyfriend's grave sight. The video ends with her saying to her boyfriends grave "I saw you."

  • The music video for Blur's "Coffee & TV" will make you feel sadness for a living milk carton.

  • Avril Lavigne's "When You're Gone" video shows an old man grieving over his dead wife, and a woman whose husband is deployed in the military -it seems the woman might be pregnant and at one point it seems like perhaps the husband was dead, but then she gets a text from him.

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