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Tearjerker / Mortal Kombat X

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  • Kotal Kahn's backstory. He had his home world of Osh-tekk taken over by Shao Kahn and was sent on a coming of age trial known as Riftwalk which sent him to Earthrealm in the time of the ancient Mayans. He decided to teach them the ways of Osh-Tekk in order to defend themselves and stayed there for years, having grown fond of them. He returned to his home expecting congratulations for his successful Riftwalk, only for his father to insult him for condemning the Mayans. Kotal took offense to this and slammed his father into a wall and returned to the Mayans, only to quickly discover his father was right as he finds them dead from blood poisoning that resulted from devouring the hearts of enemies, a habit he taught them.
    • Later in the comic it is revealed that Kotal is the Last of His Kind with his father and brothers being killed by Reiko and Goro just to spite him.
  • At the end of Johnny Cage's first fight against Sub-Zero, he shakes his head and says sadly:
    Johnny: I liked it better when we fought on the same side.
  • One of the developers had stated in a tweet that eight characters are going to die during the events of the game. You know what that means, don't you? Of those eight characters confirmed so far is Baraka, possibly Bo Rai Cho, Mileena, and Quan Chi. Sektor may count, as Sub-Zero keeps him in pieces to access his memories.
  • Kitana has a variation called 'Mournful' that utilizes the equipment formerly used by her long-deceased best friend. Ouch. Unlike some of the other characters which are revenants in the service of Quan Chi and later Shinnok, Jade is nowhere to be found.
    • Her ending as well: Kitana actually looked like she became human again and replaying how she single-handedly defeated Shao Kahn and saved Edenia while living and becoming its grand princess and ruler. Turns out to be All Just a Dream, and she's back at being a revenant and she hated Raiden for her fate. And to punctuate that, Jade is also included in the last shot, looking as if trying to reach out for Kitana, but that thing possessing her in the ending at 9 kept her looks as if it's preventing her. It's also possible that Kitana was just imagining Jade reaching for her as means to try and escape being a Revenant (This make sense as it's implied that the Revenants still retain their memories)
    Kitana awoke from this vision to find herself in the Netherrealm. She was not the queen of Edenia, but a revenant of Hell. And she hated Raiden for it.
  • As mentioned over on the heartwarming section, Raiden sorrowfully expresses his regret over losing several of the Forces of Good's souls to the Netherrealm (including Kung Lao and Liu Kang whom he refers to as similar to sons to him). He also mentions that as long as Quan Chi is alive he can bring them back like he did Hanzo, Jax, and Kuai Liang. The viewer is watching this almost literally right after having seen Quan Chi finaly get killed by Hanzo (or was it actually his Scorpion persona) out of revenge...
  • Scorpion's time in the Netherrealm after he just died. Most of the time in MK you just see him as an "angry guy killing people just cuz he lost his family and clan" and not the pain and anguish he felt losing them. Here we get to see him calling out to them half-dazed before Quan Chi comes along to manipulate his feelings into controlling hellfire as it can't burn him. Scorpion is crying over the sadness of losing his family and clan and it becomes the source of his powers. Eventually he learns to master it and became the specter that we all know and love. It's real sad and a dick move on Quan Chi's part, to see a guy like Scorpion so hurt and being used like that after his loss.
    • From Issue #10 of the comic:
    Hanzo (to Takeda): [The Hellfire] is my curse, a burden I've carried since the day everything changed. The last seconds of my life passed like hours. The massacre of my clan was an outrage. But it was nothing compared to what my eyes held in those final moments. My beautiful family... frozen. As the village blazed around us, I prayed that ice would thaw. I prayed not to the gods, but to the fire itself. For Kana, my loving wife. For Jubei, my innocent child. I died. But my soul kept praying for fire, until someone answered. Quan Chi never controlled me. I was never his revenant. I was a volunteer. My loss had become a fire within. The dark sorcerer stoked the flames with promises of justice and vengeance. Hellfire consumed my heart, my name, and my conscience. To Quan Chi's delight, Scorpion was born. I found vengeance, but there was little justice in it. The fire remained, no matter how many battles I fought. I kept fighting, even after my life was restored. I didn't deserve a second chance. After all the murders I committed willfully... suicide sounded just.
    • The moment Scorpion heard the truth from Sub-Zero about who was responsible of his misery, his face completely screams My God, What Have I Done? The sorrow of having his family killed and his soul manipulated, and the guilt of killing the wrong person for vengeance really weighed on him greatly.
    • In his Arcade Ending: Scorpion is ashamed at how his desire for revenge on Quan Chi nearly caused Shinnok's victory, as well as condemning Liu Kang and the others to an eternity as revenants. He tries to commit Hara-Kiri out of atonement only for Dark Raiden to talk him out of it...and sentence Scorpion and the Shirai Ryu to an eternity guarding the Jinsei. For being one of the biggest badasses in the franchise, the sheer amount of times Scorpion gets screwed over by the powers that be or his own actions is almost Shakespearean in its tragedy.
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  • Any revenants not Scorpion, Sub-Zero or Jax can very well count as Tragic Monster this time around. To wit, they don't have any say if they don't like Quan Chi and Shinnok, they must all serve him, and they were manipulated to the point that all they had is the rage against Raiden, who brought them in this condition they did not want. Case in point about the manipulation: Jax, in spite of formerly being a revenant like them, after being freed, can forgive Raiden and stood up for his acts when the rest blamed Raiden. Even after Shinnok's defeat, Quan Chi has been killed and any hopes of being resurrected and resuming human lives like Jax are pretty much dashed, in spite of possibly having free will, they'll be revenants forever. And even if Liu Kang and Kitana ruled the Netherrealm now, and if by any chance they're not ruling with iron fist, they will be feared by the living anyway. And if they thought Raiden could still do it anyway... well, him being Dark Raiden kinda dashed that hope.
  • Ferra/Torr's ending. Ferra eventually comes of age, and has to go through a metamorphosis that will change her from a spritely Pygmy to a hulking Brute. This involves her leaving Torr behind while she goes through the change, and, as a result, this causes Torr to wither away and die. Even if they were villains, in a sense, seeing the distress in Ferra's eyes and her gloominess for the rest of the ending, especially after Torr dies, is heartbreaking. And this apparently happens with every member of their species. Meaning that at some point, Ferra's new rider will have to abandon her and leave her to die. Ouch.
  • Jax and Sonya's endings. In Jax's ending, he agrees to oversee the unit in Johnny's place when the latter is hospitalized so he can spend more time with Jacqui. They get ambushed by Erron Black, and even though Jax protects all of them, it's implied he suffered a fatal wound in the process. In Sonya's ending, she has a nightmare that Kano gives her a Sadistic Choice between Jax and Cassie, and when she chooses her daughter, Sonya wakes up, then Johnny comes in to tell her that Jax has been killed by an assassin.
  • There's something sadly pathetic about the fact that Mileena has no genuine supporters amongst her faction. Of those that did support her, Baraka is dead, Rain was purposely driving her to destroy herself with Shinnok's amulet, and Tanya only supported her for Edenia's sake. Despite her instabilities, she still seems devoted to serving out her 'father's' will, and it seems at times she only wants to rule because she was explicitly created as Shao Kahn's heir. That she's so completely obsessed with pursuing a hopeless cause, with no support, for the approval of a dead man, who likely saw her as nothing more than a tool, seems rather pitiable. Then she gets her head devoured by insects.
  • For all his bravado, it seems like Johnny really wanted to make his marriage with Sonya work. They were a good Battle Couple until Sonya let her work overshadow her marriage (so it wasn't Johnny's personality that drove the wedge but Sonya's dedication to duty). Cassie grew up with an admiration for both of her parents so it's likely Johnny (who did the majority of her upbringing) wasn't being bitter towards his ex-wife. By the end things seem to be patching up so at least there's a silver lining.
  • There might be a very good reason Tanya is working against Kotal Kahn - in her intros with Ermac, it is confirmed that Ermac holds the souls of Tanya's entire family.
  • Cyrax's fate in Issue #36 of the Mortal Kombat X comic. After regaining his humanity due to Sub-Zero's virus taking effect, Cyrax decides that Sub-Zero is the only "real" Lin Kuei warrior left, and, with that in mind, decides to self-destruct and take all of the cyberized warriors with him.
    Cyrax: If anyone can restore the clan's honor, you can. Fighting alongside a real Lin Kuei warrior one last time was as good as it gets. Thank You.
    Sub-Zero: "One last time"? I'm telling you, there's hope -
    Cyrax: Yes. There is. But first, the Lin Kuei need a clean slate. INITIATE AUTO-DESTRUCT SEQUENCE. BEGIN COUNTDOWN. You're the master now, Sub-Zero. Make it count.
  • Bo' Rai Cho's ending continues the ending string that comprises Scorpion's, Raiden's, and Kotal Kahn's. His ending has the old drunk heading for Outworld when he gets wind that they are the underdog of the Mortal Kombat tournament, because no world deserves subjugation. His training helps Outworld repel Earthrealm, but Bo' Rai Cho's participation ends his friendship with Raiden.

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