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Tear Jerker / Mass Effect Comics

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Sad moments from the various Mass Effect comics:

  • Mass Effect: Homeworlds has a few:
    • Garrus making his Last Stand on Omega, fully expecting his Bolivian Army Ending, calls his father, just to talk. He explains away the gunfire by saying that he's just having some target practice. His father asks if the call could just wait until after he's finished, and Garrus replies that it can't. Too many targets.
    Garrus's Father: I... understand.
    • His father then proceeds to remind him to conserve his ammo, to make every shot count. Their past tension forgotten and his father doing what he can to help his doomed son. Of course, this is when Garrus scopes in on an N7 badge, and realizes that he isn't going to die after all.
    Garrus: I have to go now. Don't worry about me... I'll make it home when I can. The odds just got a lot better.
    • Tali, on her pilgrimage from the Fleet, receives a message from her father. It's more of the same emotionally distant don't-fail-me that she's heard for her whole life, and she refuses to sit through the whole recording. She ends up using it as a decoy later on, and while she doesn't see the end of the message, we do: Her father apologizing for being so distant, and telling her that he'll be proud of her no matter what.
    • Kaidan gets his own on Gagarin station right after he accidentally killed Vyrnus in a fit of rage. You can tell that the young teenager is shocked over his action and tries to reach out to his girlfriend Rahna for some solace. But she flat out refuses to speak to him as his action scared her much more than Vyrnus. Kaidan then pleads with the Alliance soldiers leading him away, for just one more minute with Rahna, but they scoff at him, even calling him "killer".