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Tearjerker / Major Crimes

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  • The resolution of "Boys Will Be Boys". Michelle's own brother murdered her with a baseball bat because she got all the attention in the family. His last comment is chilling: "She didn't run like a girl."
  • The video Matty Torres left behind on his laptop in "The Deep End".
  • Sharon crying after finding out about all the threatening letters Rusty received.
  • "Whatever happens next... know I love you." Cue a blubbering audience.
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  • Rusty finally gets some much needed therapy. The therapist points out that Rusty claims he could handle himself on the streets, but that sort of thinking leads to blaming himself for the things he did to survive, and not acknowledging that he was a victim. The therapist also points out that given Rusty's age, what his johns did to him qualifies as rape. Rusty, near tears, begins to admit that what happened to him wasn't his fault and he shouldn't blame himself.
  • Sharon Raydor in "Return to Sender, Part 2." She's confronting Stroh's attorney, who is offering the identity of Rusty's stalker as a bargaining chip, and is barely holding herself together. It really shows how much she loves him, and how she is barely restraining herself from grabbing the lawyer and beating Stroh's information out of her.
  • Rusty's confrontation with his mom in "Letting It Go", and how she tells him that she has sacrified and tried to accept his freakishness in being gay, and shouts that out to the whole world. Very hurt, Rusty turns his back on her. And this was after she tried to get him to fill out a prescription for drugs to help her do heroin.
    • Rape victim Laura Day breaking down crying in Sykes' arms. Actually, just the entire episode from Rusty to the case itself was heartbreaking.
  • Just everything about "Jane Doe #38". So many missing girls. Everyone is badly affected by the case.
  • Everything about the look on Sharon's face in "Zoo Story" when she watches the video where Rusty's mother asks Rusty to become a male prostitute again just to acquire bail money for her. She looked like she was about to break down crying right there.
    • Rusty's expressions during that scene as well. You could tell he was expecting something terrible, but not that.
  • In "The Jumping Off Point," Samir, a hustler-turned-kept-boy, admits that his "boyfriend" forced him to have sex with him at gunpoint. Sykes asks him if he means he was raped, and Samir expresses surprise at the idea:
    Samir: Is—is that rape? I mean, if you do it to someone like me? ... I didn't even think I counted like that.
  • Sanchez has to take care of a kid for a case, and they end up becoming close...even though Sanchez is supposed to be finding his relatives. When it's time to send him to his grandparents, the poor kid thinks it's something he did and desperately promises to be good. He even ends up running away to get back to Sanchez.
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  • Sharon's sudden death and funeral with everyone clearly having no idea how to handle this loss.

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