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Tearjerker / MLP Collateral Damage

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  • Falcon Punch's death. Ceymi (as Thermal Soar) shoots at (and misses) him twice before Falcon realizes that his charge is actually his enemy. He is then mortally wounded, gets to see Ceymi's true form (and hear her apology for having to kill him) and then released to plummet over a mile toward the Everfree Forest. His last despairing thought is of his wife Strawberry, whom he knows will be lost without her. He never has even a clue why he is being killed.
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  • Thermal Soar's death - and Ceymi's reaction to that death. Chrysalis cruelly slays him right before Princess Ceymi's eyes, simply to test her loyalty. At least Thermal Soar only suffers for a moment; Ceymi has to live the rest of her life with the memory of her favorite Pony — whom she can't fully admit to herself was also her One True Love — being literally destroyed in front of her. What's worse, the lesson she learns from this is not that she can't trust Chrysalis — she's too loyal to even think that — instead she learns never to get too emotionally-attached to her prey.
  • Strawberry's utter collapse when she learns that her husband Falcon is dead.

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