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Tearjerker / Love Actually

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Love Actually
Would you stay, knowing life would always be a little bit worse? Or would you cut and run?
  • The scene where Juliet watches Mark's wedding video to find that he's only filmed her. He manages to stay in composure until he leaves the house. Her face when she suddenly understands why Mark is so cold to her is so heartbreaking.
    Juliet: ...They're all of me.
    Mark: Yeah...yeah...yes.
    • As is seeing that the situation has Mark in almost physical pain. And he has to physically leave, even though they actually are at his house, in such a hurry that he doesn't even put on a jacket and is terribly cold outside (December in the U.K. is cold...) And then the soundtrack of Dido's "Here with Me", which is just heart-breaking.
  • Karen opening the present and realising Harry has given the gold necklace to somebody else. Then her in her room listening to Joni Mitchell while tearfully looking around at pictures of her family.
    • And the fact she's trying so hard to hide it from the kids and forces herself to put on a cheerful face so they don't have to watch their mother break down... it's hard to watch.
    • Especially on a Meta-level since Emma Thompson confessed she knew too well how to play that scene given her experience with her ex-husband Kenneth Branagh cheating on her.
    • Then the scene where she confronts her husband and he almost breaks down as he realizes what an ass he's been and how he nearly threw his life away.
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  • Daniel struggling to keep his composure while talking about his wife at her funeral, even more now that Liam Neeson really did lose his wife, and to a random accident that didn't give them any time to prepare.
    Daniel: When she first told me, I said, "Over my dead body." And she said, "No, Daniel, over mine."
  • Sarah throwing away her chances with Carl to go visit her brother in a mental institution, where he actually tries to punch her before she calms him down.
  • Jamie and Aurelia parting ways when she flies back to Portugal:
    Jamie: [In English] It's the best part of my day, driving you.
    Aurelia: [In Portugese] It's the worst part of my day, leaving you.
  • Jamie's girlfriend cheating on him with his brother. Ouch. That was his live-in girlfriend who cheated on him, but worse, his own family? No wonder he runs off to France.
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  • Sam admitting he loves Joanna, convinced that she doesn't even know who he is:
    Sam: Yes, she's American. And she's not my girl. Everyone worships her because she's heaven.

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