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Tearjerker / Library War

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  • The moment when Kasahara finally finds out that Dojo is the prince she has been fantasizing about since she was in highschool. You'd think that this would be an awesome moment since perhaps their relationship can finally progress, but no. Instead of being relieved that she finally knows, she immediately figures out that he knew her secret the entire time. Which would explain why he was always cross with her. Therefore, she immediately thinks that he hates her for mixing her fantasies with reality. It's gut wrenching because everyone knows that he truly cares for her, but it does make sense that she'd fall to that conclusion.
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  • When Dojo gets agnosia within the last two episodes. Now as far as anime only endings, this one is considered good because it wraps up Iku and Dojo's character arch, but it's still very sad when you think about it. Dojo doesn't lose his memory, but he loses the ability to recognize his surroundings with his senses. So he no longer recognizes the voices of his friends, their faces; he doesn't react to any sensory stimulus. So he's essentially in a coma but he's awake. It's just sad seeing Iku reading books to him and bringing his favorite flowers all in hopes of waking him up. As someone who lived through a family member being in a coma, this can hit home. Good thing he got better though!

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