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Tear Jerker / Laughing Winds

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  • The whole story really, the characters are all individuals, with their own personalities, fears, and ways of coping with the hell they have found themselves in, and because you get a chance to get to know and care about them, it makes the suffering they go through all the more heartbreaking.
  • Laura's backstory, her family was betrayed by her father, her mother was murdered shortly after entering the camp, then she and her twin were taken away and experimented on by the Nazis until one experiment caused her sister to die from the complications and left Laura with severe scarring all over her torso. Then when they were done using her as a test subject, she was thrown back into the main deathcamp emotionally damaged and completely alone.
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  • The scene with Jonah when they find his hiding place, it's true that running off and hiding and putting the whole camp on alert wasn't the smartest thing to do, and the rest of the group had to put themselves in danger to go and find him (and only succeded at all because the Kapo helped and Eleny worked out exactly where he was).Even Daavid is having a hard time staying patient with him, but for all their frustration, none of them have the heart to actually yell at him. He's basically just a terrified child.
  • The usually stoic and composed Eleny screaming in grief and despair when Daavid dies before having a mini breakdown.

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