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Tearjerker / Lamento - beyond the void

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  • The fate of the cats living in the village near the Field of Four Colors, once you look past the Nightmare Fuel.
  • Everything about Asato is nothing but tearjerker material. The same has to be said for his father.
  • When Konoe returns to Karou to retrieve his ring, he sees that his village was consumed by both the Void and the Sickness. Konoe nearly breaks down crying, since while he was an outcast there, Karou was still his home. Though on the bright side, the scene turns into a Heartwarming Moment once his love interest consoles him.
  • You eventually learn that even if you don't choose his route, Asato falls in love with Konoe no matter what. Thus, the pain he feels when he sees that Konoe is in love with Rai or Bardo is made clear in such a heartbreaking way. What doesn't help is that when he pulls an I Want My Beloved to Be Happy, the narration describes him as "crestfallen, yet resolved".
    • While things get better in Bardo's route, it gets worse in Rai's route, since after that scene, Konoe never sees Asato again. While he knows that Asato is alive and well, and receives a letter from him every now and then, it was the last time he saw him face to face, and constantly hopes to meet him again, since he still treasures him as a friend.
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    • What's worse? Even if Asato ends up with Konoe, the consequence is that neither Rai nor Bardo get any semblance of a happy ending. Sure, Rai still defeats Froud, yet he doesn't seem to have repaired his relationship with Bardo at all, and then there is the matter with Bardo's curse, and all the other issues that come with it (which, even though are not resolved in Rai's route, are mitigated somewhat by Bardo being on good — or at least speaking — terms with Rai once more).
  • The reason why Rai and Bardo have a strained relationship: out of envy and revenge, Bardo summoned a devil to gain the same bloodlust that Rai possesses. Rai stumbled upon the scene, and while the deal was interrupted and left unfinished, Rai was extremely enraged at what he witnessed that he cut ties with Bardo. It's even sadder since Rai looked up to Bardo and possibly even saw him as a better father figure than his biological one.
    • Even before that, Bardo was so focused on avenging Rai's parents that he ended up neglecting Rai himself. Just as Konoe pointed out, Bardo was the sole pillar of support Rai had left, yet Bardo failed to care for him properly, and even tried to make a contract with a devil — leaving Rai feeling ultimately betrayed. If you think that Rai is being unreasonably angry whenever Bardo is concerned, you might want to think again, once you see everything from his point of view. It's even worse in the drama CD, which shows just how fixated on revenge Bardo was, and just how much Rai simply wished to spend some time with him, only to be turned down. It didn't seem like this was the first time it happened.
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    • It's not as if Bardo is completely unsympathetic either. He is genuinely saddened at how they drifted apart, and subtly expresses that he wants to patch things up with Rai. But even then, he's still unable to let go of his envy of Rai's bloodlust, and since he knows better than to feel that way, hates himself for it.
  • It's heart-shattering to see just how broken Bardo actually is deep inside. In his route, after Konoe explains everything to him, Bardo asks Konoe in a calm but despondent tone to just give up and wait with him until everything comes to an end, as he believes that since everyone dies sooner or later, there's no point in fighting back.
  • Bardo's bad ending might just be the worst Player Punch of the game, since it seems like everything will be fine. After all, Shui appears and teaches Konoe his song, Rai appears to help both Bardo and Konoe, Konoe sings and helps them defeat Leaks, and Bardo manages to land the finishing blow. But then right when you think everything is over, it's revealed that in the end, Rai is overtaken by his bloodlust, Bardo becomes fully corrupted by his curse, and both of them proceed to fight to the death — with Konoe falling into so much despair that Leaks' soul permanently takes over his consciousness and his body.
  • The scene where Kaltz reveals to Asato that he is his father. Asato is understandably upset and angry, and Kaltz is nothing but solemn the entire time, as if he feels guilty for everything that happened to his son.
  • Rai's bad ending: while Rai manages to defeat Froud, he is unable to overcome his insanity, and he becomes the new Devil of Joy. Despite this, he remembers the promise he and Konoe made: if he ever loses himself to his bloodlust, Konoe will kill him. After healing Konoe's wounds, they engage in a battle to fulfill said promise.
  • Froud's bad ending may be filled to the brim with Squick and Nightmare Fuel, but the very last scene can be heart-shattering: "Ko... no... e..."
    • And there is the way Konoe futilely begs Rai to not look at him, but Rai just continues to look, as if he's too horrified or enraged to avert his eyes. It's even worse since Froud reveals that Rai is already in love with Konoe at that point, but is still unaware of it. Just try to imagine your own beloved being taken like that, and you can do nothing but watch, or make yourself watch...
  • Admit it, even if you knew it wouldn't end like that, the part where Konoe tries to kill Rai will bring some tears to your eyes — especially during the moment both their swords pierced the other. Here, Rai initially looks shocked, but then both he and Konoe make a content expression, as if they don't mind dying as long as they die together.
  • The drama CD covering the events after Rai's route shows that despite defeating both Leaks and Froud, and entering in a romantic relationship with Konoe, both of them are still suffering from nearly endless nightmares about either Leaks' memories (for Konoe) or Froud and the bloodlust that came with him (for Rai). They do try to comfort each other when they get said nightmares, but they can only do so much.
  • Firi's death. Even Konoe, who would violently react every time he sees him, was enraged at Leaks for callously draining his life.
  • The part where Bardo visits Konoe in his room and asks him not to fight Leaks. Compared to Rai and Asato, who are prepared to fight alongside Konoe and face Leaks no matter the cost, Bardo is — first and foremost — worried about losing Konoe, especially after Konoe gave him a reason to look forward to living again.
  • All the devils' backstories. They may be devils now, but there is a reason why they became one in the first place.
    • Razel lived peacefully in a village with his mother, and was hailed as its hero. But then his life came crashing down when he was framed and consequently sentenced to death — all because the village chief's daughter was not happy with him rejecting her feelings, which he did very nicely, mind you. As a result, he succumbed to his rage and cursed the entire village, becoming a devil in the process. While this was happening, he started Laughing Mad, but then sorrowfully called out to his mother, who was banished as part of his punishment.
    • While also laced with Nightmare Fuel, Froud was continuously raped by his father since the older he grew, the more he resembled his deceased mother, whom his father was obsessed with. Additionally, due to his father's influence, he grew to believe that true joy is achieved only in death. After a few more years, he murdered his father after having enough of him, then went on a massive killing spree before committing suicide. It's tragic since had it not been for his father, he may have lived a normal life.
    • Kaltz was formerly a Meigi cat who fell in love with a cat of Kira. But because their clans are mortal enemies, they kept their relationship a secret for years, though they were eventually discovered. While attempting to flee together, Kaltz failed to divert all the pursuers away from Kaya. Kaya fell down a cliff after she was cornered, albeit she survived and was captured by her clansmen. Kaltz on the other hand, got caught and was killed as punishment. Filled with sorrow at his dying moments, he cursed the world and transformed into the Devil of Grief.
    • Nothing much is revealed about Verg's backstory at first besides the fact that he endlessly indulged himself in sex, drugs and violence, and out of boredom, killed himself. But then it's revealed that he suffered physical and mental abuse from his drunk foster father, was abandoned by his real parents beforehand, and possibly much more. This could explain why he decided to look out only for himself and his desires, and it's obvious that he was the product of a harsh and abusive environment.
  • Everything about Leaks and Shui's friendship is filled with tragedy, since despite the many touching moments they share, you already know how things are going to end.
    • Right before everything reached the breaking point, their relationship became strained when Shui tells Leaks that he cannot see him again but is unable to explain why, which ended with Leaks coldly chastising Shui and telling him to leave. Despite this, he deeply missed Shui, constantly thinking and wondering about him, even feeling lonely. In fact, ever since Shui stopped visiting, Leaks had become endlessly frustrated and restless, always reacting towards the slightest noise and wondering if it was Shui.
    • Of course, there is the lovely moment when after Leaks' hideout was discovered by the other cats, and Leaks thought that Shui told them since only he knew where he lived, when that was not actually the case. Then when Shui arrived at the scene and tried to help Leaks escape, Leaks angrily called him a traitor, chewed him out for his "betrayal", before declaring that he'll never forgive him. The anguish in both their voices makes this too difficult to listen to, especially since this scene is basically what kicked off the main plot of the game.
    • The simple fact that when Leaks thought he was betrayed by Shui, the strongest emotion Konoe could feel from him was sorrow. Not rage, not hatred, but sorrow.
    • Remember the opening line of the game? You later find out that it's Shui saying those words to Leaks, since despite everything he had done to Sisa and to his own son, Shui still sees him as a friend he had failed to save.


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