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Tearjerker / Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger

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Ui, the comic relief, being saved from suicide.

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    Episode 1: Que Boom!! Ryusoulger 
  • Episode 1 starts off with one hell of a whammy by immediately killing off the three current Ryusoulgers' mentors. Their reactions tell it all.
    • Not only that, but all three die onscreen in Heroic Sacrifices for their students. Master Red protects Kou from Tankjoh's attack with a RyuSoul, taking the hit instead, dying in Kou's arms. Blue and Pink push Melt and Asuna out of the way of the kaiju's fire breath, and are thus incinerated by it, while their students can only watch helplessly. Mentor Occupational Hazard or not, it's quite brutal.

    Episode 3: Cursed Gaze 
  • Ui, the comic relief, is driven to suicide by the knowledge she's spawning a Minusaur. She goes to a quarry her father took her to when she was little and if not for Asuna she would have jumped to kill the Minusaur.

    Episode 4: Dragon and Tiger!! Fastest Battle 
  • Bamba's realization about the Minusaur: the reason it only communicates using "Here, here!", is because it is acting like a parent playing a game with a child, kneeling down to be on the child's level. The Victim of the Week was a father who was too busy to play with his son, despite having the desire to, only for his son to be unfortunately, hospitalized for unknown reasons. The father spends the entire episode by his son's bedside, holding his hand, promising him he'll get better and they'll be able to play as much as they like. It's also sad to remember that, even though the father was saved from the Minusaur, his son remains ill, and there's no indication given whether he's going to recover.

    Episode 5: Hell's Guard Dog 
  • This Minusaur that spawns this episode hits a bit closer to home. The Victim of the Week is a girl that Towa is friends with named Sanae, who's taking care for a young pup named Hope. The Minusaur is fueled by her resentment towards people that abuse and/or abandon animals like Hope.
  • This episode also gives us one hell of a ending. Despite the Minusaur being supposedly defeated by Bamba, Sanae and Towa's conditions aren't getting better. For Towa, the poison from the Minusaur inside him is worsening his condition, and by the end of the episode, he ends up falling unconscious from pain. The last scene of this episode is Bamba screaming out his name in despair.

    Episode 9: The Suspicious Treasure Chest 
  • The implication that when Melto opened his treasure chest, it manifested the spirit of Master Blue which shows that the death of his master hit him the hardest.

    Episode 10: Invicible Counter 
  • Wizel disguising himself as the friend of the Victim of the Week and telling him that he hates him with all his heart. Not only does he believe this, but he also shows great despair till a point the Minusaur grows instantly to a gigantic size.

    Episode 13: The Prime Minister is of the Ryusoul Tribe!? 
  • The feelings fueling this Minusaur is actually really sad. The Victim of the Week is none other than the Prime Minister, Reika Kano, who turns out to be of the Ryusoul Tribe, but left to travel on her own, among the humans. However, due to her slow-aging, she has to constantly see her loved ones die while she lives on. The Minusaur was fueled by that sadness of having to see those close to her die while she lives. That's why she insists the Minusaur is completed before killing it off, and for the Minusaur saying "Wannadie" constantly - she wants to finally die and be with her loved ones.

    Episode 14: The Golden Knight 
  • While it's funny in a schadenfreude sort of way, it's also hard not to feel bad for Kreon about Gachileus' abuse of them, especially when we get some glimpses into Kleon's inner monologue. Not only does Gachileus' overwork of them resonate with people with real life Bad Bosses who overwork them, but it has a harsher Reality Subtext given Japan's work culture and the fact that being worked to death is common enough that they have a word for it. note 
    Kleon: Don't think about the point of working. Just...don't think anything unnecessary. Take your body...and just keep it moving...

    Episode 22: The Lives of the Dead 
  • Upon the Necromancer Minusaur's destruction, which leads to all of the resurrected dead — including Master Pink and Ui's mother — disappearing.

    Episode 25: Dancing Kleon 
  • Naohisa telling Koh, Melto, and Asuna of how Ui being pushy at times stemming from never having had any friends prior to meeting the three.

    Episode 30: Overthrow! High Spec 
  • Koh's kindness and acceptance towards Nada cause Nada to believe that he wasn't chosen as Ryusoul Red because he can never have Koh's goodness. This crushes Nada's spirit and he is completely taken over by Gaisoulg.

    Episode 33: The New Assassin 
  • Nada's death. He had just been accepted and purified of Gaisoulg's evil.
    • To say nothing of Koh's silent despair when the others arrive on the scene.
    • Also, they discover that Nada had left a psuedo-farewell message saying that he was planning to go off and train before coming back to help the Ryusoulger defeat the Druidons. The heartbreaking Dramatic Irony of this promise going unfulfilled is gut-wrenching.

    Episode 36: Super Speedy Bodyguard 
  • Saki Koda had been on the receiving end of a few men who expected her to perform admirably at a racing tournament, leaving her tormented for most of the episode and after meeting him, dragging Towa into her predicament. Not helping matters is that Kleon uses that personal knowledge to torment her into not wanting to live anymore, having enough energy to enlarge the Sylph Minosaur made from her.

    Episode 42: The Deciding Battle's Stage 
  • Even among villains, Kreon's sadness over the defeat and death of Wyzul, the only Druidon that constantly treated him with respect.

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