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Tearjerker / Kakos Industries

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Okay, so are you actually crying or are you just partying really hard? This is an important question to ask yourself before reading this page.

  • Though mostly played for comedy, Dirk's life seems to have a number of ups and downs on account of his own career, normally resulting in the literal or metaphorical loss of loved ones. And if he gets low enough, he just results to alcohol.
  • "Doom and Gloom" has a surprising amount of this as Belladonica, the child of an employee who seems to have abandoned her, struggles with her own loneliness and depicts them with blue finger painting on the walls of the industry.
    • Corin admits that he can relate to Belladonica's sadness, seeing as how he didn't have much a childhood and spent most of his youth being raised as the next CEO. It's actually one of few times he shows a sense of vulnerability.
      I can say that my heart goes out to her. I, too, know what it is like being a child growing up in the halls of this building. I, too, know the feelings of loneliness when the other children don’t understand you. And most of my time here was spent learning to be the most effective CEO this company would ever have. It really didn’t feel like my life was mine until my grandfather died. I know that’s not the nicest thing to say. And the other children were… less than appealing. I spent most of my time in studies, or taking long naps. I’ve gotten off the topic, shareholders...
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  • Corin shows genuine sadness at his long time friend Dr. Kathleen Gorgon dying. Even the music and Corin's tone during this is so somber, you can certainly sympathize with him.
  • Nothing about "Space Race" is particularly sad though listening to Corin Deeth I in his prime can be a bit somber when you remember that the old man died and it becomes more obvious as to why his grandson respects him so much.
  • It becomes apparent throughout "Refuge" and "Skirmish" that a lot of the employees are being slowly broken over time thanks to Belladonica's tyranny. Corin is mostly keeping his cool but without Grace around to give him some guidance, he's prone to joining in on the crying session that takes place.
  • There's finally a crack in Lady Kiarawa's dominance, as it's shown that even she needed the assistance of Brosephus to help her reduce stress during her new position as an executive. It brings a bit of light on what kind of problems she just might be bottling up but not showing to anyone on the surface. And with Brosephus now rescued, there's no telling how she'll be able to relax.
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  • A large tree Corin cared a lot about was deliberately destroyed by Lady Kiarawa and turned into giant, wooden butt plugs. He seems genuinely upset about this and takes some time to mourn its loss.
    Corin: It was a good tree. I would sometimes sit under it and think about things. I don’t often find myself in nature on purpose, but I did like that tree. Tree, I am sorry. You deserved better. When I get back in power, I will find the remaining pieces of you, I will do whatever I have to do to get them back, and I will give you a proper burial. For Evil.
  • Losing Maggie to Lady Kiarawa has started to take it toll on Kimmie. She is rescued though spends most of her time in the sanctuary depressed and not interacting with many people.
  • Lady Kiarawa continues to go out of her way to destroy anything she knows Corin cares about. Her next attempt is attacking Soundman Steven by taking apart and selling the recording studio. Steven is so distraught by this, it's hinted he was brought to tears just to hear the news.

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