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Tearjerker / Ju-on

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     Ju-on: The Grudge 
  • Izumi's dream/vision (Or Was It a Dream?) of Toyama is incredibly sad.
  • A rare example of a Tear Jerker in the midst of a horrible moment: when Kayako crawls down the stairs towards Rika, she appears to be reaching out to the latter for help, and in one shot her eyes are actually filled with tears. This is the only scene in which Kayako is depicted with such a degree of sadness, and for some, it's difficult to not feel sorry for Kayako at that point.
    • Makes it even more sad as when you hear her traditional death rattle, it becomes a pained wail. Hell, even Kayako's actress, Takako Fuji has stated she feels sorry for her.
     Ju-on: The Grudge 2 
  • The entire "Kyoko" segment is a Trauma Conga Line for the protagonist. First, Kyoko is involved in a car accident. Then it's revealed that she miscarries. Then she learns that her fiance is stuck in a coma. Then just a day after she comes home, her mom dies (which may or may not be because of the curse). All this in the first 15 minutes of the film. The segments that are set before the car accident show her as a chipper horror queen, the segments that follow the car accident show just how broken she is, (she only smiles twice, once when Chiharu looks at her (actually Toshio who rubs his hand at her stomach), the second after she gives birth to Kayako, where she just seems to become a Stepford Smiler, which isn't much better.
  • Chiharu's death scene is extremely heart-wrenching.
     Ju-on: White Ghost/Black Ghost 
  • Atsushi physically and sexually abusing Mirai. Watching them is just unbearable and so sad, especially when Mirai begs Akane to help her, yet the latter just walks away.
  • After Possessed!Fukie arrives and mortally wounds Mariko, the latter screams in despair for her son, who looks it all, to run away with his father. We all know it's futile, since a previous scene in the film shows that there's no survivor of the incident.
     Ju-on: The Beginning of the End 
  • Yui breaking down after discovering Naoto dead with his neck snapped.
     Ju-on: The Final 
  • Just like her sister, we get to see Mai breaking down after discovering her boyfriend, Sota dead at their apartment, yet her reactions are far more heart-wrenching. While Yui just slumps down and cries softly, Mai at first refuses to believe that Sota's dead and tries to wake him up.

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