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Tearjerker / Josh Scorcher

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  • Him admitting that he wasn't always the best big brother and how "Sisterhooves Social" made him realize it. His general demeanor about it is heartwrenching, though how he changed after his realization is heartwarming.
  • Josh's speech near the end of Semper Filly. While most of the video was either mocking the incompetence of the Royal Guard, or Silver, Dusty, Doc, and Antony C failing to train them, Josh's speech about what soldiers go through caused more than a few tears to be shed.
    Firebrand: The military exists so you can ignore the harsh reality of the world
    Sweetie Bloom: What reality?
    Firebrand: We're all going to die. Every day we desensitize ourselves with our YouTube, anime, video games, books, all to do our best not to think about the ultimate truth that everyone spends their entire lives trying to ignore. The fact that everyone is suffering and everyone is going to die. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do. You and I have a 100% mortality rate. And war, it makes death happen much earlier than we want which is why we hate it so much. It makes the reality of our limited lives become harder to ignore. No one wants to think about those things, everyone's natural instinct when confronted with danger or suffering is to run away. However, those who join the military, they have to run towards chaos and evil. They have to reject the illusion of safety and put themselves in danger to maintain our wistful fantasies of peace. They are required to embrace these worries and fears so you don't have to. They are forced to leave their families and travel to hostile lands thousands of miles away and fight the worst of humanity just so you can pretend you're safe. That's the reason people in the military get so stressed and depressed, because they have to confront reality on a daily basis. That's why they deserve our respect.
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  • He and Ink Rose have said that while they may not be dating, their characters are. Then came the TF2 Analysis episode "Emotions on the Battlefield" Part 2. Firebrand proceeds to reveal that he and Ink "never got past the first date".
    Thespio: ...huh. I guess that ship sunk rather quickly.
  • While many of his and Aramau's reactions to "Parental Glideance" are sweet, the reason they ended up reviewing it, her absolutely terrible relationship with her parents, is incredibly sad. She references being The Unfavorite of her siblings and being so damaged that her mother has to preface any and all conversations with her with "you're not in trouble" or Aramu will panic about having done something wrong, something that has caused her to have big issues with self-blame in every aspect of her life. Aramu outright can't relate to Dash in this episode because she would have given anything to have parents like Bow and Windy.


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