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Tearjerker / Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus

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  • Zim despairs over the realization that the Tallests had no intention of coming to the Earth, becoming completely despondent and not even putting up a fight when Dib comes to capture him and agrees to let Dib expose him to the world. Of course this doesn't last long, but still. For a short while there, ZIM, of all characters, had completely given up.
    Zim: [wailing in despair] I'VE LOST THE RESPECT OF MY TALLEST!!
    • Even Dib, Zim's longstanding rival and enemy, feels bad for the poor Irken invader as Zim wails, sob's and wallows in anguish at his lowest point. As much as they were both bitter and heated rivals for so long, and despite Dib being not only Earth's self appointed protector from the Irken Empire and Zim himself, now elated at the seeming victory he as achieved over his enemy; the human boy can't help but pity and feel bad at seeing Zim reduced to such a morose state. It's not helped that Dib's reaction is both equal parts empathetically pitiable and at least a bit awkward and uncomfortable at seeing Zim's breakdown.
    Dib:(Visibly Awkward Pity)"Uh... Come on, man."
  • Dib's clear frustration and anger at his father refusing to believe him about Zim or other paranormal stuff. Special mention goes to when Dib tells Membrane that he wishes that he had his back, only for Membrane to respond along the lines of wishing not being scientific.
    • One line can summarize Dib's entire arc in the film: "YOU'LL BE PROUD OF ME!" Ouch.
  • Surprisingly, Zim's genuine horror and despair as Membrane and Dib wipe out his robot army. In an aversion of What Measure Is a Mook? and Zim's own Bad Boss tendencies, he actually named each individual robot and is genuinely devastated by their destruction, especially Lawrence's. Considering his attachment to GIR, it sort of makes sense.
  • Doubles as Nightmare Fuel: At one point, Dib and Membrane are hurdling through space with Dib hanging onto Membrane. Right after Membrane tells Dib that he's always been proud of him, he slips from Dib's hands and falls into the unknown. Come the time for Zim and Dib's showdown, Dib is absolutely furious that the alien's scheme has seemingly caused his dad's death.
    • Even worse is that this happened shortly after Dib and Membrane were separated from Gaz, meaning that Dib could have believed he lost both of his family members due to Zim's plan and himself being tricked by the alien.
  • At the end of their chase, Dib has been captured by Zim's robot army and was starting to be crushed, to which Zim laughs mockingly over then callously acknowledges that Dib is most likely dead. Thankfully for Dib, timing was on his side and Membrane is a Papa Wolf of the highest order.
  • This Invader Zim Music Video made by a fan that’s dedicated to this movie is a total tearjerker. It doesn’t help that the song titled "Never Enough" from The Greatest Showman ESPECIALLY the lines from the movie.
    • The comments aren’t even better.. They give out Fridge Horror and depressing meanings about the show and the movie.
    "It’s so messed up how Zim will do ANYTHING to impress The Tallest like taking his own life"
    "ZIM HAS WON!!! He sounds so hysterical, it hurts"


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