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Tear Jerker / Interstitial Actual Play

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#9: That's What Friends are For

  • Larxene's death, when you think about it. They were just ready to help the party and were clearly about to get out of a toxic group of friends when they were assassinated without warning.

#10: Friend 'Til the End

  • Roxanne's death.

#11: Adrift

  • Everything that comes from the fallout of the previous episode, namely:
    • Criss Angel hides his sorrow well, but when Mewt starts fanboying over him while he tries to tell Steve about losing a friend he snaps at the kid, and goes to form a dark link. It's played for laughs, but it shows how hurt he is that this is the first time he's had such a reaction with a fan.
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    • Edith blames herself for her death, assuming it was her own shortcomings that resulted in it rather than there being more to the situation. She falls into a haze so powerful that she's almost pulled off the island and into the Realm of Darkness until she hears someone crying in pain, and goes to help them because she can't bare to see what happened to Roxanne happen to anyone else.

A Touch of Evil

  • Shego's attack on Betty and Kim ends with Kim being kidnapped and Betty being left for dead. Betty wakes up just in time to yell after her girlfriend before the car detonates.
  • Archie, a Princess of Heart, is so emotionally compromised by his father's defeat that he gets Norted.

Reality and Other Falsehoods

  • Poor Tony Hawk. They're one of the only characters to be killed completely, without even a Nobody or Somebody appearing in their stead, and because he's just a memory he's forgotten as soon as he fades away.

A Rush of Sugar to the Head

  • Poor Ralph, beaten to death with a hammer while trying to save their friend. And he died outside his game, which means he's also dead forever.

Lonely Hearts

  • After beating the Sheriff, Bright Eyes declares that the town doesn't deserve their help for trying to push outsiders away so violently.
  • Calumon believes he's the cause of everyone's problems, so he wipes himself from everyone's memory.
    • Soon after, Sally finds Calumon moping in the alley.
    Sally: You're in my way though. Sorry.
    Calumon: Yeah. I usually am.
    • As the episode ends, Bright Eyes crosses paths with Calumon one last time. They shake hands, and Calumon refrains from changing their memories...and so wanders away alone.

Authroity #1

  • The fact that Sans has serious trust issues with human beings because he comes from a genocide route game and saw everyone he knew die at the hands of Frisk.

Authoirty #4

  • The reason Atticus hates authority figures and people who tell him "you're not supposed to be here" is because his dad was the villain of his story and said similar things quite often.

Authority #7

  • Salem admitting to Old Man John Cena that as much as he cares about Selina, he misses his Sabriny.

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