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Tearjerker / Hyrule Warriors

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

  • Everything between Lana and Cia during the final battle of the Epilogue chapter. Lana starts out normal and chipper, but it stops as soon as she realizes what Cia's doing to herself. By halfway through the battle, she's stopped being as lighthearted as usual, and near the end she's begging Cia to stop for her own sake, but gets ignored every time. And then at the very end, when Cia fades away in her arms, Lana is plainly devastated. She's barely holding it together when she tries to smile for her comrades.
    • There's definitely something sympathetic about Cia's storyline, if you're willing to cut her a lot of slack. It's implied that before the war, her job as the sorceress who guards the Triforce and time portals is an extremely isolated position, and while she never gave Wizzro or Volga the best treatment after conscripting them, neither one of them would have been genuine companion material even if she had been. You wonder what would have happened if she just had someone, anyone to confide in during her job. And in the end, she dies without having made a friend or having earned any sympathy. Well, unless you count Lana, but a split of your own personality isn't saying much.
      • Legends had the same idea. With Cia rescued, purged of Gannondorf's corruption, and redeemed, she and Lana have undergone enough In-Universe Divergent Character Evolution that they can support each other as a pair of guardians, making sure the events of the game never happen again.
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    • Cia's entire Sanity Slippage during the final stage of her storyline is both terrifying and heartrending, but one particular moment stands out. When Ganondorf summons Manhandla to attack the base and Wizzro betrays her for Ganondorf]], Cia summons multiple Dark Links in a desperate attempt to turn the battle around. But the line she gives while doing so serves as a bit of a Fridge Tearjerker as it implies that she not only creates Dark Links to fight her enemies, but also to serve as a means of having a version of Link to be with even if it's not the real Link.
    Cia: Ahh, no matter what betrayals I may suffer, at least I know that the hero will always love and protect me...
  • When Toon Link is defeated in a map, Aryll just sadly begs him to return home.


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