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Tearjerker / Harmony and Valor

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It Sounds Better Than "Pity Date"

  • From the very beginning, it is painfully obvious that Flash Sentry is still smarting from the misunderstanding with Sci-Twi during the Friendship Games. Despite now knowing what was really going on, believing that he had been rejected by the girl he loved really hit him where it hurt.
    • Sci-Twi is also very upset over the whole thing, realizing that on top of her previous guilt from what she did as Midnight Sparkle, she accidentally hurt an innocent boy's feelings due to her own dismissive attitude.
  • It is a small moment, but Applejack says she thinks Flash is still kicking himself for what he said to Princess Twilight while he was under the influence of the Sirens' magic. Since Flash and Twilight haven't had much chance to talk, especially since then, Flash is probably still feeling guilty and hasn't gotten a chance to apologize yet.
  • In the middle of his "simulation date" with Sci-Twi, Flash reveals that his father had walked out on his family several years ago. He is still very angry about this, to the pojnt where he insists that he would prefer that his father never comes back.
    • Sci-Twi tops him by revealing that both of her own parents died after being driven off of a bridge in an accident involving a semi-truck, leaving her an orphan in the care of her brother and sister-in-law. To make things worse, she actually witnessed it when it happened. The memory is still so fresh and painful for her that she can't even talk about it without breaking down into tears.

A Daughter Not His Own

  • Shining Armor and his fellow officers discover evidence that a suspect, Wild Ride, murdered his own sister. Not only is this bad in of itself, he pushes Shining Armor's Berserk Button when he calls his deceased sister a "whiny brat."
  • Sci-Twi is once again the victim of bullying even at CHS. She claims the reason she got in a fight with Gilda was because she was sick of constantly being bullied after having to put up with it since middle school. She thought giving Gilda a taste of her own medicine would get her to leave her alone, but instead the two of them just got hurt and Gilda hates her even more.
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  • Shining Armor and Cadance both consider themselves failures for never noticing how miserable Sci-Twi was at Crystal Prep and letting her be pushed around and bullied by literally the entire school. Shining Armor is especially mad since he can't get justice for her and had to drop charges against Cinch due to lack of evidence. Cadance feels just as bad because she was right there with her at Crystal Prep and never realized how bad things actually were for her.

Can Ponies Get Drunk?

  • Although played for laughs, Sci-Twi thinks back on how things end badly for her whenever she overestimates consequences of her mistakes, and one particular incident in fifth grade stands out. She forgot her homework and thought she would get suspended, and when she shared her fears with her classmates they tricked her into thinking the only way to avoid suspension was to break into the principal’s office and announce her most embarrassing secret for everyone to hear. She learned later the worst a late homework assignment would have gotten her was a dropped letter grade, but ends up suspended anyway for the stunt she pulled. The worst part is she feels that her day of suspension was the high point of her year.
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  • Most of the drunk stories Princess Twilight shares with her human friends via the journal are funny, until she gets to the last one involving Berry Punch. The story is funny like the others at first, until the very end where they learn Berry has a daughter that puts up with her mother’s drunk state all the time and Berry is often too tired to take care of her own daughter. There is no evidence of Berry being an actual Abusive Parent, but everyone is keeping an eye out just to be sure.

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